The Secrets of ColecoVision Games

ColecoVision Jungle Hunt

Vital Statistics

Original Manufacturer: Taito
Arcade Release Date: 1982
Related Arcade Games: Jungle King (original name of game)
Manufacturer: AtariSoft (Later distributed by Telegames)
Game Serial Number: 70007
Home Release Date: 1983
Guide No.: CO240193-07 Rev. A
Rarity (Based on CV FAQ): Extremely Rare
Size: 24k
Programmed by Dave Cartt

Game Background

While on safari with his girlfriend, our hero is ambushed, and his girlfriend becomes a prisoner to the dreaded head-hunters. Can our hero save her before she becomes the main course?

In 1983, Taito was still riding high with the popularity of Space Invaders. In its latest release, Jungle King was one of their first attempts at a four-scene platform game (following the footsteps of Donkey Kong). The original game featured a man in a animal skin swinging through vines, swimming with crocodiles, jumping over boulders, and fighting off the natives. For many people, this was an immediate clue-in to the famous hero "Tarzan."

However, this game was not endorsed by Tarzan's owners, Egdar Rice Burroughs, Inc. It is not clear whether or not a law suit came about, and if so, who won, but Taito had to change the game.

As mentioned in the many times before, Jungle King was changed with a minor hack and its signs changed to "Jungle Hunt." This minor hack gave away some secrets about arcade machines, and a slew of different knock-off arcade games were born with the small piece of knowledge this event provided.

Tarzan's owners eventually released their own video games, and its first one was commissioned from Coleco called (predictably) Tarzan, the year following the home release of Jungle Hunt by AtariSoft.

Thanks to Joe Huber's ColecoVision FAQ for some background material.

Jungle Survival Tips

There are four scenes to conquer. Take care on each! As you progress, a bonus timer is slowly dropping; the faster you are, the more bonus you receive.


Time each jump off the vine to land on the next vine. Take notice of the speed of each vines, and how fast it is in comparison to the one you are on. On harder levels, be careful of apes swinging along certain vines. They can and will move up the vine as they wish and make you lose your grip on the vine.


You will need three things to pass this board: your bowie knife, plenty of air, and your wits. It is best to swim at the top of the board near the surface; your amount of air is limited, so rise to the surface when you need more air. However, you will always need to avoid the crocodiles; if you cannot, press the fire button to stab them with your knife. Crocodiles are worth more on the level you are on and their aggressiveness. As you close out this board, stay near the top to save points on the clock as you advance to the third level.


While running an upgrade, boulders will be thrown at you from all heights. You can simply jump over the small ones, and you can jump over or duck under the large boulders. Most of the time, it is safe to be running on the front part of the board. Jumping is always worth more than ducking or avoiding.


The tribe is celebrating with a victory dance. However, you can simply jump over each head-hunter, and then you need to jump to the girl to rescue her. Hurry! She is heading for the stewpot!

One you solve all four boards, you start over again. This time the jungle is more fierce, and the boards have changed color.


Jumping from rope to rope.....................100 points.
Jumping onto a rope with a monkey on it.......200 points.

Stabbing Crocodiles
Mean crocs....................................100 points. Meaner crocs..................................200 points. Meanest crocs.................................300 points. Jumping a boulder.............................200 points. Running under a boulder........................50 points. Ducking a boulder (by pulling back)...........100 points. Entering a new jungle section.................500 points. Saving your girlfriend........................500 points. Bonuses Easy Medium Hard Levels --------------------------------------------------- Extra Man 10,000 20,000 30,000 points Time Bonus 30 20 10 per sec remaining

Tricks, Tips, and Easter Eggs

Freeze! Hit the pound sign (#) to pause the action.

Game Over. Press the star button (*) to start over at any time.

Psychadelia. Press the star button (*) to bring up the game select screen. Now press the star button (*) or pound sign (#) to change the colors of the screen and writing. Wow!

Just for fun. Although this is a one player game, the person on the second controller can force you to jump or move wildly. Good practical joke maneuver. =)

You're a real swinger. Take note how fast the vines move. You can sometimes swing ahead on the next vine in advance if you are careful.

I'm forever blowing bubbles. You have five units of air. As it is used up, the sound effects become more dangerous sounding. Plan your move to top as you avoid and kill crocodiles.

See you in a while, crocodile. Crocodiles are worth more points if they have their mouth open or have a more random swimming pattern.

Think Jump...For My Love! You will earn more points by jumping over boulders than avoiding or ducking them.

Restless natives. The natives hard to jump over. I find it easier to wait for the first one on the right to start moving towards me before jumping. Otherwise, you will get the point. You can jump higher by pushing the joystick forward before hitting the fire button.


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