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ColecoVision Mr. Do!'s Castle

Vital Statistics

Original Manufacturer: Universal Inc.
Current Copyright Owner: Imagineer
Arcade Release Date: 1983
Related Arcade Games: Mr. Do!, Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride, Do! Run Run
Manufacturer: Parker Bros.
Game Serial Number: 9820 (A9820 for foreign releases)
Home Release Date: 1984
Guide No.: ?? (Manual written for both Atari 5200 and CV)
Rarity (Based on CV FAQ): Extremely Rare
Size: 16k

Game Background

Mr. Do! returns to his castle after a hard day of work in his cherry fields. He finds that Unicorns have taken over his castle, and now it's up to him to reclaim it.

Mr. Do!'s Castle is the second installment of highly successful arcade Mr. Do! series (keeping in mind the other ones are in order above). Although Mr. Do! has been ported to Atari 2600, Atari 5200, ColecoVision, Super Nintendo, GameBoy, and possibly regular Nintendo, Mr. Do!'s Castle has only been ported to Atari 2600, Atari 5200, ColecoVision, the Commadore-64, and several other early computer systems. Due to its release in 1984, the video game crash prevented large distribution of the game, and thus, the rating of "Extremely Rare" (ER) has been given to it.

On a side note, please write Imagineer, Black Pearl/TH*Q (Super Nintendo version), and/or Ocean (Gameboy version), and let them know we want the entire series ported or (better yet) emulated for modern systems.

As always, Parker Bros. has done a wonderful job porting an arcade game for the home system on ColecoVision. Mr. Do!'s Castle not only looks like the arcade game, but its arcade tricks also work for it. This is one of the few ColecoVision titles that does not required any number key presses because you start the game by pressing the fire button.

It was surprising to find out that Mr. Do!'s Castle was a 16k game which looks better than Coleco's 24k Mr. Do! port. Not only is the gameplay better, but Mr. Do! is detailed, and the action is smoother.

(Some vital statistics provided by the ColecoVision FAQ by Joe Huber.)


Just "Do!" It Playing Tips

The game has eight scenes and sixteen difficulty levels.

A board is "solved" by either knocking out all the cherry blocks with your hammer or destroying all the unicorns. There are three "key" blocks that release the lock on the castle treasure, located at the top of the castle. Once you reach it, all the monsters turn into alphamonsters (E-X-T-R-A) which you can hit with your hammer. Spell EXTRA for a free man. However, unicorns cannot be hit by a hammer but can be slowed down by falling into empty blocks ("holes").

The red unicorns are the tamest ones. Green unicorns are a bit wilder, and both red and green unicorns can be knocked down a level through a hole. However, the blue unicorns are the meanest and cannot be pushed down a hole. A lone unicorn will double if it gets stuck in a hole or cannot find you.

This can work to your advantage if you have reached the castle's top prize and let the lone unicorn get stuck in a hole. When the unicorn frees itself, it will double and go looking for you. (A blue unicorn never multiplies itself past eight monsters.) When it finds you at the top of the castle, grab the prize and hit the newly formed alphamonsters.

Tricks, Tips, and Easter Eggs

Pushing your luck. If you want to redirect following unicorns, you can push a ladder over from your side to another side on the same level. Just make sure you always give yourself an emergency escape route.

Bonus scoring for opening door-ing. Opening the bonus door on the first level is 1500 points plus an additional 500 points for each successful level. The maximum bonus is 8000 points.

How to get the most of your treasury. In order to get the most alphamonsters, hit one or two of the key blocks as you cross the board. After destroying all the monsters except for two or three, hit the last key block, head for the top of the castle, and stand near the treasure door. Wait for the unicorns to get near you and grab the door prize. You can now hammer down your vulnerable opponents for their letters. This is one of the best arcade tricks for the game, and thankfully it was ported as well.

Charlie B., you blockhead! These are the types of blocks you'll encounter along the way:

o Cherry blocks: one of your goals is to eliminate them all.
o Key blocks: hit all three for bonus points and letters.
o Replacement blocks: once free, a unicorn will fill the hole.
o Skull blocks: hit two on the same level, and a bridge will appear.

Blocking Variations. Did you know that the original version of the arcade game does not contain the cherry blocks? You must eliminate all of the unicorns in order to get to the next board. The later version of the game contains cherry blocks and even Mr. Do! bonus diamonds!

Hit me with your best shot. The best way to use skull blocks is to eliminate the one near the main entrance to the level. (If there is a ladder on the opposite side, don't forget to push it over and force all the unicorns to come at you from one side.) As you go across, eliminate each block (except the last skull block). Remember: the skull block is always replaced by a bridge block. Once several unicorns are stuck in the holes, hit the second skull block, and all the unicorns will be defeated. Any unicorns directly below the fall-out can be squashed as well.

I'm free falling! You can eliminate the last unicorn by falling into it if it is stuck in a hole, and you will not lose a life!

It's raining unicorns. You will score more points for each level a unicorn drops and for which color the unicorn is. You cannot directly hit a standing unicorn, and a blue unicorn cannot be pushed through the hole.

Mr. Do!'s Castle Bugs from Kevin Horton.

OK, here's the scoop on Do's Castle:

Like I said, I found quite a few bugs. Some weirder than others.

The first 2 examples are related:

1) I killed all the guys except for two. I hit the keys to open up the door at the top. I did so, ran up an hit it. I bopped one guy, and the other ran off, so I followed. He ran down the right ladder and I chased him. He then hit the bottom, and started going left along one of the beams. I bopped a cherry above him, but missed. I then said 'what the hell,' and fell through the hole. I landed on top of him and squashed him, I got the letter, and waited for the end-of-level tune. Well, it didn't play. instead, I was playing in a level with no guys! Also, the graphics were going crazy, like they were being re-written over and over. I also could hear that noise when the last creature 'reproduces'. It only made the noise 3 times, which would mean it generated 8 guys (2^3=8) which is the limit. I played around some more and finally decided to end the level by hitting all the cherries. I did, and the level ended.

2) later on in the same game- I was up to level 13 and died. I didn't think too much about it, until I got killed again. I looked, and saw I had 5 lives. I then wondered exactly how I got them. i.e. I should've had 4, but instead had 5. I then got killed on purpose. Only thing is, I *still* had 5 lives! I know the game will display more than 5 lives, because I've had 6 before. I continued playing and got up to about the 38th level when I finally ran out of lives.

3) different game- I was playing as usual and got up to the 18th level. (legitimately; I didn't cheat ;-) I was on my last life, and was on the upper ledge. I pushed the ladder away on the right side so, the only way the guys could get to me was on the left. I was waiting to bop some of them as the walked under the ledge. Then as they were coming underneath, one just started climbing thin air! Yup- it climbed right up to me and killed me. There was *no* ladder there for it climb, yet it did anyways! This was what made me stop playing it.

Well, I thought there were 4, but I guess there are only 3.

All in all it's a pretty good game. The programmers did a good job on the guy's AI. They're pretty smart. Fortunately, I learned a few tricks on how to get around without getting hit. The only thing i didn't like was that the blue guys travel so fast... They're very hard to hit. Get up to around level 15 and see what I mean. :-)

BTW, the guy-lineup doesn't change when you get around to level 15 or so (I can't remember) The linup then is 2 blue guys, 4 green ones, and 1 (or 2) red ones. Also, the levels repeat themselves after level 10.

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