Veriback 2.0 Review
by Joe Waters

PRICE: $8.95 U.S.
MEDIA: Flippy DDP/disk
SOURCE: Practical Programs

Veriback is another commercial copy program, written in
SmartBASIC and saved with FastRun for speed loading. The program
comes in two versions, one with a standard 20K copy buffer (for
those who still have one disk drive) and a second version with an
82K buffer that takes advantage of the standard Coleco memory
expander. While the program runs at BASIC speed (slightly slower
than MMSG's Backup+ 3.0), it has a few features not found in most
of the other copy programs on the market, the most significant of
which is a built-in verification routine. The system checks the
data on the target media for errors after copying, checking for
bad blocks and other transmission errors. This program *will*
copy correctly between standard DDPs, flippy DDPs, and disks. I
havn't seen any other copy program that will copy flippy DDPs
correctly (though I must admit I havn't been looking for one, I
still have seen quite a few and have been unable to find one that
includes options for flippy DDPs), and in that respect this
program is also unique. The program also includes "recopy
options" which allow you to make multiple copies of the file in
memory (this works best with the 64K board), thus you can make
multiple copies of the same source media quicker, because you
won't need to read the source in each time, just the first time.
Hard to explain, but a nice feature.
If this isn't enough, there's also an added incentive:with
every copy of Veriback 2.0, Practical Programs includes a FREE
copy of SmartBASIC 1.5, Multi-Loader, Pro-Load and Pro-Copy.
That package in and of itself is worth the $8.95 price, so you
are actually getting something akin to a "2 for the price of 1"
sale. All in all, a good deal.

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