Smart Letters & Forms Review
by Kent Davenport
Vol. 1 No. 1
October 1984

Manufacturer: Coleco industries
Data Pack

With over 100 letters and forms for most applications for the home, Smart Letters & Forms is designed to help create that perfect resume or letter to the editor that most of us can't seem to find the right words for. You simply plug in your information where the blanks are, or if you feel you need further assistance, you can review a. completed sample provided for most forms.

When Smart Letters & Forms is loaded, you find in the 'moving window' format and the smart key labels list the directory of forms you can choose. These include: Social, Personal Business, Check. Lists, Misc., and Story. The last category, Stories, uses various letters from the other directories to relate a tale.

The program uses many of the editing functions used with SmartWriter and introduces a new one, Center. After typing in your street address for example, you simply hit the 'Center' smart key and it zaps it to the center of the line. Using the tab key brings you to each 'label' to be filled in and saves you the tedium of scrolling thru the letter to find the next label. once you typed in your information you hit the Done smart key and you're ready to tab to the next label. Once you've completed your letter or form, you should save it on a data pack so you can use SmartWriter's print options to alter margins, spacing, etc. once saved you can also merge your form with SmartFILER database or the yet to be released Address Book & Auto Dialer.

The directory includes letters of invitation, complaint, application, thank you, shopping lists, etc., etc. There's something for everyone in the family. Overall, I found the program easy to use and the variety of letters and forms useful for most home applications. Coleco has released a unique and fairly useful addition to their Home Helpers series.

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