SmartDSK Cartridge Review
by Terry R Fowler

The SmartDSK CartRIDGE was developed by Walters Software Co. to make it easier for ADAM users to boot up the SmartDSK operating system. This system also includes ramdisk routines. The Cartridge installs in the normal GAME CART SLOT where it remains to be activated by pulling the Game Reset Switch. The program will immediately boot to the option screen where the size Ram Disk is shown, and key input provides the second menu which allows you to load a disk of programs into the Ram Disk, or you can save programs already loaded. The option to continue allows you to boot the ramdisk itself, boot any drive, or load a program. Booting the SmartDSK acts just like booting the disk you just transfered into the Ramdsk. Booting a drive will boot any media in the drive you select. Loading a program provides you the choice of running the SmartDSK CartRIDGE programs, providing a menu to select SmartBASIC V1 or 2, French Basic (SuperBASIC +), SmartWRITER, EOS Start, or reset the SmartDSK CartRIDGE. You can at any time pull the Game Reset Switch to bring back the Menu Screen.

The first step it to load your programs into the Ram Disk. I used the disk prepared for use with PrBOOT, since it contains all the major programs: SmartBASIC V1 and 2, ADAMlink, ADAMcalc, SmartFILER, SmartLOGO, and SmartWRITER. Now all I need to add is French Basic to provide the SmartDSK Menu's program completion. Once the menu returns after loading the disk from the selected drive, choose to boot SmartDSK. It will ask you if you are sure. Yes answers will present the PrBOOT menu screen and you may boot all the programs. When you are done, pull the Game Reset to select from the menu screen once again. Remember, you can transfer any programs you wish using SmartDSK or SmartDSK III. Once set up, SmartDSK CartRIDGE will provide instant access to them without need for a drive boot.

If you have SuperBASIC+, a short patch will allow it to boot from the Ramdisk. If you boot a program that uses the ramdisk, setting it up after the program boots, the contents of the ramdisk will be destroyed as the program loads. Otherwise all programs used with SmartBASIC 1,2, or Plus are compatible from the Ramdisk, as are SmartWRITER programs accessed using SmartDSK I and AdamCALC, Flash Card, and other programs accessed using SmartDSK II for device number two (Tape 2).

SmartDSK CartRIDGE makes easy work of setting up The Print Works with a ramdisk full of signs, clips, fonts, and border files. And Label Works can access address and clip art files. AdamCALC files, SmartWRITER files, SmartBASIC files, or your favorite program package can be stored in the ramdisk and accessed quickly. Once additions or changes have been made, save the new ramdisk to disk or datapack. Sure makes it easy to have a lot at your fingertips. $29.95 in stock!

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