SignSHOP Review
by Rick Covell

SignSHOP is a neat program developed by Strategic Software. It is available through several mail order outlets at prices ranging from $19-00 to $22.00. I ordered my copy from E & T Software. SignSHOP allows you to print designs using your standard ADAM computer.

SignSHOP has three basic components: a banner program, a sign program and a picture editor program. The latter program contains the following picture files: notes (musical notes); stork, tree, cross, giftbox; heart, house, cake, santa and jstar. Any of these pictures can be used in any banner or sign that you make; but (and this is a powerful plus) picture editor allows you to create (and save) your own pictures. You can also control the size of the picture you make up to a maximum width of 50 characters and a maximum height of 50 lines. I've created four pictures of my own (and I have no artistic ability) with no problem. I simply followed the instructions given in the manual.

The banner program will print large messages horizontally (make sure you have fanfold paper). Any picture on file can be placed on the banner with the message you created. The picture may be placed before your message, after your message or both before and after your message. You may choose from 7 sizes of which your message will be printed. Unfortunately the pictures may only be printed at the size they were stored (but this is a minor limitation). The sign program can be used to design signs, notices, letterheads or greeting cards. For any of these, messages may be either centered, left justified or right justified. Pictures may, of course, be used (but will only be printed at the size they were stored) and can also be positioned left, right or centered. A picture cannot be printed on the same line as a message. Message can be printed in two sizes: small (about five lines high) and bold (about tem lines high).

When ready to be printed, your creation has two options: standard quality print and high quality print. High quality print (proposed to be near dot matrix on the standard ADAM printer) is achieved by striking the same place with the capital letters H, I and X. This process is accomplished quickly and the results are very good! In fact, I'll bring some examples to the next meeting so you can judge for yourself! I rate this a good value for the money and easy to use (if you read and follow the manual). On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a solid 91

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