QUICKOPY 5.0 Review
by Dean Roades

Quickopy 5.0 (QK) is the shareware program available from Larry Overman. At $6.00 it is one of the best values for a copy program and it includes much more.
QK supports all currently available drives (DDP; 160k, 320K, and 720k disk), and can copy with a single drive or multiple drives. It has a 16k copy buffer if you do not have a memory expander. If you do have an expander the buffer is:
Expander Buffer
64k 80k
128k 144k
256k 272k
512k 528k
QK has both block and file copy options. The block copy can be used to make backup or working copies of you software. When making a block copy, you select the first block and the numbers of blocks you wish to copy, then select the first block on the destination media. This allows you to copy one tape to two disks and vice-versa. The only shortcoming is that is does not have an 'auto-copy function. Some copy programs will check the media and copy only those blocks which are used. With QK, you must tell it what you want. You can access the directory of the source media to find this out, so it's not a major problem.
The file copy option allows you to tag the files you want copied a QK will transfer all of these files with no further input from you. This is a real time saver for PD librarians, newsletter editors, etc., who want to transfer many, but not all, files from one media to another.
The information displayed for directories and individual files is extensive. Volume name, directory size, volume size. The file information is even more complete; start block, blocks allocated, bytes used, attribute, etc. This information, I assume, is of great interest to those knowledgeable in such things, but the rest of can use QK just fine.
My favorite part of QK is the Ramcopy (RC) option. If you have a memory expander, you can use all of the QK functions with the RAM. You set up the expander as a ramdrive designated as tape 1 or 2 or disk 1 or 2. You can then copy to the ram as if you are using a physical drive. A 256k or larger expander allows you to copy an entire tape or disk to the ram and make multiple copies using the RAM as the source drive. This will save time and wear and tear on you drives. It comes in very handy for making PD copies or distributing ADAM News Network disks. A real time saver!
But there's more! After setting up the RAMdrive, you can boot an EOS program like SmartBASIC or SmartWRITER, and keep the RAMdrive in place. This gives you the speed of the memory expander in you favorite programs. For example, you can set up the RAMdrive as Tape 2, copy a disk with newsletter articles on it into the RAM, and access these files from SmartWRITER. This is especially nice since SmartWRITER only recognizes one disk drive.
The docs for this package were on the flip side of the disk. They are quite complete (some 35 pages) and include information on data pack formats, and other subjects which make the process of file and block transfers easier to understand. The drawback is that they are in CP/M. I had no trouble printing them out, but I would have liked to format them differently.
Quickopy 5.0/Ramcopy 1.1 is easy enough for the novice, versatile enough for the advanced and you can't beat the price.
If you are interested in getting Quickopy 5.0, contact Larry Overman, 11820 Gloxinia Ave., Fountain Valley, CA, 92708.


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