by Orphanware
Reviewed by Mike Wester

From: The Paper Peripheral

Journal of the Triangle ADAM Users

February, 1987

Quickopy from Orphanware is a machine language copy program that utilizes a 104K copy buffer (providing you have a 64K ram expander), The 104K buffer and my lack of a second disk drive are the reasons why I bought QUICKOPY, The only drawback to this program is it's lack of file utilities, but the thing it will do is copy and this it does very well and very fast.

To start with the program loads from disk in about 3 seconds. It then gives you two options, Block Copy and File Copy, If you choose block copy it then prompts you for source and destination drives, number of blocks to copy and block to start with. The program is menu driven so all inputs are simple. single key presses.

When you choose the file copy option the program will display each file, it's attributes and an option to tag for copy or view next/previous file, I found this method of viewing the directory to be a minor inconvenience because You have to go through the whole directory before you can copy, (this is minor because this is a very fast program)

When you begin copying the program will display a status screen. This screen displays the block numbers read/written and the various functions the program performs to make a successful copy. (this area of the screen can be very active when copying EOS files and SmartBASIC)

The program comes with a 34 page documentation booklet that contains a considerable amount of file and directory information, On a scale of I to 10 I'd rate this program a 10 for doing what it was designed to do, For ease of use I'd have to rate it a satisfied 8. The program sells for $13.95 (although it was $19.00 and change when I ordered it C.O.D.) so if you are one of the less fortunate who have only one disk drive. I highly recommend it or at least one like it that has the 104K buffer, It makes backing UP disk a pleasure rather than a chore!

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