Pack Copy Review
by Jono Smith
From: California Adam Users' Group
Issue #1

Title: Pack copy
Manufacturer: Unreal Software
Media: Data Pack
Rating: 6

Packcopy basically does what it's supposed to. It copies data packs to disks; disks to data packs; data packs to data packs (requires two drives), and disks to disks (also requires two drives). It is very easy to use and the documentation is almost perfect. It fails to mention that the disk or data pack should be formatted; but otherwise it's ok. Many people haven't been happy with Packcopy because it is limited. Some of it's limitations are

A) The inability to copy single files.

B) Not being able to change the default drive so that the copy can be run from disk.

C) Not being able to view; modify, or copy single blocks.

D) Has no provision for correcting the blocks free when copying from data pack to disk or vice versa.

In general; it just doesn't do enough of what I want in a copy. I'll be looking at and reviewing more copy programs in future additions of this newsletter until I'm satisfied.

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