by S&A Software
Reviewed by Carol Tapia

Mystery beckons.

You have just received an invitation to solve a gruesome murder in the swank mansion of Mr. Vic Tim. When you arrive, all the suspects and possible murder weapons have already been assembled in the Drawing Room. You must carefully analyze all the clues given in order to determine who killed Mr. Tim, in what room, and with which weapon. The killer is sly and devious. You must use all your powers of deduction and have some faith in Lady Luck to find all the correct answers as quickly as possible.

Using the joystick, you first move the cursor to the room of your choice. You have a choice of five rooms: the Gym room, the Bedroom, the Hall, the Pool room, and the Steam room.

Next you pick the murderer from clips of several lethal beauties on the left side of the screen by placing the cursor on your selection. Then you move the cursor to the left side of the screen to choose the weapon.

After your selections are made, the computer goes over your choices and then gives you hints as to which ones are correct or incorrect. This hints range from rather vague to extremely helpful. It would help to make a chart and check off all eliminated persons/items/rooms as you go.

On solving the mystery correctly, you are told how many turns it took, what your final score is, and asks if you wish to play again. In all the times I played this game, I never noticed any repetition and found the game enjoyable each time.

This game reminds me of similar games previously released for the Adam--but the presentation and ease of use were much better than in the other similar type games. I liked the use of what appeared to be clip art of women's faces as the murder suspects as opposed to just lists of names that has been used before. This is a great game and I hope there will be more games in the future from S & A Software.

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