MegaDisk Review
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This new product from Digital Express will allow you to use the BIG memory boards as supper fast ramdisks. The two main programs on this package are: shortdisk, and fulldisk. The 'fulldisk' program will give the largest possible ramdisk size that your memory board will allow'. Thus, fulldiisk can even be used for those of you who only have the 64K card. The 'shortdisk' program MUST be used with the larger memory boards (128K, 256k, and 512K). When using 'shortdisk' the upper 64K of your memory board. is reserved for program such as ADAM CALC. Thus you can use any program that uses the 64K card, and not loose any files/programs that you may have at stored on the lower and of your expansion memory. With this great function, you can store your SmartBASIC programs onto your ramdisk, and then you can even play a game like BUCK ROGERS, and then re-install your ramdisk without losing any programs on your expander.

Several other programs, all public domain, all also contained an this great package. These programs include:

QuickDISK: This is a public domain program that allows you to create a ramdisk capability while using only standard ram. The size can be from 3 to 20K. When using this program, you cannot use shortdisk, or fulldisk, but it will not alter any files you may have stored on your expansion ram card.

SB1.0fixes: This is a SmartBASIC program that will correct several bugs in SmartBASIC 1.0. These include: fix BSAVE to work correctly, fix the DATA/REM extra space bug, resets the POKE limit to 65535, etc, etc.

SQUEEZE: This program will free Your tapes/disks of 'deleted' files, thus giving you more room for storing your files and programs.

EZfileXFER: This is a simple file copy utility that allows you to copy your files/programs from one medium to another. It requires two drives (tape, disk, or ramdisk).

EZkeysII: This patch adds several functions to SmartBASIC.

As with all Digital Express software the instruction manual is very well done. Each program is explained fully so every ADAM owner, regardless of his/her experience, can start using these programs right away.

This is an excellent package that no ADAM owner should be without.

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