Label Maker Deluxe Review
by Jim Notini

This review was originally published in the Northern Illiana ADAM User's Group (NIAD) Newsletter.

Label Maker Deluxe is TCR Software's second software release for the ADAM, their first being the great enhancement of the public domain French SuperBASIC, called SuperBASIC PLUS. Label Maker Deluxe is a simple but very powerful labeller program, that can also function as a database program, offering the user, the capability of creating their own categories which can thereafter be sorted by entering a short criterion. Label Maker Deluxe (LMD) allows for the creation of 90 record databases with each record capable of holding 10 different categories (which are user defined) of information. Other features that are provided in LMD are: full edit features of any record and category, ability to change a categories name, full sorting ability of all categories with user defined search criteria, storage of database for later recall and use, dot-matrix printer support as well as an IBM compatible print driver. LMD also includes a separate LABEL MODULE for the printing of labels after a database has been created with the FILER MODULE.

Upon boot-up, the user is presented with the FILER MODULE main menu. Here, the user should first use the CREATE/CHANGE CATEGORY option. This option will let the user create up to 10 different category headings that will contain data such as FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, etc.. Once the categories are set, you can start to enter in the data with the ADD option. When this option is chosen, all the category headings are listed in order, along with the current record number. The program prompts the user to enter the data in each specific category. If need be, the user may also edit any of the records that are in memory by using the EDIT option from the main menu. Once chosen, the user is prompted to enter the record # to edit, and then the record is displayed, along with the categories numbered 1 to 10,(or however many categories were defined). Simply choose the category # to edit and retype the data. The entire database may also be viewed or printed to the ADAM printer or a dot-matrix printer, and a very complex sort routine is also included.

Some of the very nice features include: display of currently loaded filename, a counter showing the number of free (unused) records, the next record number available, the amount of free RAM that remains in the database, and the prompt displays. Any text, that is displayed on the screen, that does not require user feedback, is displayed in green, while prompts for a user response, are displayed in red. The last option in the FILER MODULE is PRINT LABELS, which loads the LABEL MODULE.

The LABEL MODULE allows the user to load a database that was created with the FILER MODULE and print out labels. The user can define which categories of a record are to be printed, and the user has total control over which line each category is printed on. The user may also sort each record by any category desired, or just view the database on the screen. One option includes the ability to print labels three abreast on the 8 l/2 x ll sheets set up with three labels across the page.

Overall, LABEL MAKER DELUX is another fine addition to anyone's software library. It doesn't do everything that the LABEL WORKS will do, but on the other hand it offers features which the LABEL WORKS does not.

I would recommend the LABEL MAKER DELUX to those who have only an ADAM printer, but for those who also own dot-matrix printers I believe that both LMD and THE LABEL WORKS are complimentary to one another, with both being worthwhile additions to your library.



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