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ADAMouse from THOMAS Electronics The basic idea behind the mouse is simple. After you spend  a few minutes trying to draw a respectable looking picture with  your joystick or arrow keys you tend to wish for something better. The mouse was a natural answer to this issue. It is a small palm sized device with a floating ball underneath (sort of  a reverse roller controller on a different scale)

Address Book with Auto from Coleco I recently obtained and have been using the address book with autodialer. This program offers four basic functions. The data entry phase gives you a formatted screen which prompts the user to enter name, address, phone and note data on each entry. The data retrieval phase allows you four searchable fields (last name, first name, city and note one) to enable you to retrieve the people you desire. The search function also allows you to search for names you are unsure of by using,

ADAMLink 3+ from Tom Clary "ADAMLink III+ is a terminal program that supports the use of the internal ADAMLink modem or external HAYES compatible serial modems at baud rates up to 2400 baud, the SMARTWriter or parallel dot maxtrix printer, and video or 80 column serial terminal output in terminal mode or output to both devices at one time..." (added 3/26/00)

Big Memory Boards from Orphanware has been a long supporter of the ADAM b manufacturing high quality memory Lards, printer interfaces, and software. Now, Orphanware released three versions of BIG memory boards. These are128K, 256K, 512K. At long last, we ADAM owners can have as much memory as the BIG BOYS.

COPX, FORMAX & SmartWRITER's Helper from HexAce Software COPX was developed to aid in the process of making backup copies of files on the ADAM computer. COPX allows the user to copy entire disks or data packs as well as the ability to copy single files or several files at the same time. Advanced features of the file copy routine include the ability to...

Easy Come, Easy Go from MMSG Software "Easy Come, Easy Go is a collection of financially based program modules designed to compute, summarize, and report how a given sum of money, whether borrowed or saved, is affected by interest rates and time. These modules are designed to be easy to use and they can help you better manage your financial resources..." (added 3/26/00)

EXRAMpack I from Digital Express For those of you who have one of the Orphanware expander boards (64K, 128K, 256K, 512K)and MegaDISK, or you were thinking about purchasing these, this new program from Digital Express just may help you make your decision. NOTE: This program requires MegaDISK from Digital Express.. and at least a 64K memory expander (a BIG expander is recommended).

FileManager v2.0 from AJM Software This program is one of the latest, and I would venture to say, the best, (in my experience anyway), of the EOS utilities. This utility seems to do all those things you would expect a good utility program to do. To top things off, the documentation, provided as a documentary file on the master tape or disk, is very comprehensive and easily understood.

FileManager(BASIC) from ? Here is a little "utility" program that you can use with your ADAM. It will provide a menu that allows you to CATALOG, DELETE, LOADRUN, LOCK, RECOVER, RENAME, & UNLOCK your SmartBASIC files. I downloaded this program, named ++FILEMGR.BAS,

GoBASIC from Hardnosed Harry and Barry Wilson "GOBASIC has 28 BUILT IN ICONS (or little figures or symbols) that you can call just be typing PUTICON X at h,v (X is # of icon, h is horizontal and v is vertical)..." (added 3/26/00)

GoDOS from Ron Collins "I spent the last hour looking over GoDOS with SuperZAP. Sol has done some really amazing things. First, he borrowed from the Coleco SmartBASIC interface just enough to make the system recognizable to our system ROMs and also familiar enough to US for easy use. He has added a massive amount of new command syntax and capability. I saw references to turning speech on and off, setting mouse speed, drawing and erasing circles, blocks, etc..." (added 1/11/00)

Groovy Graphics from David Seaman has come out with 3 rather complex programs on one disk/ddp called /GROOVY GRAPHICS/ selling for $19.95.The first thing you should do (after making your backup copy of course) is to print out the readme file and then the 3 doc files through SmartWriter before booting the disk. Now after sitting down,reading the documentation and feeling totally confused by words you might not of ever heard before, don't worry it is not really as complicated as it appears.

Label Maker Deluxe from TCR Software Label Maker Deluxe is TCR Software's second software release for the ADAM, their first being the great enhancement of the public domain French SuperBASIC, called SuperBASIC PLUS. Label Maker Deluxe is a simple but very powerful labeller program, that can also function as a database program, offering the user, the capability of creating their own categories which can thereafter be sorted by entering a short criterion. Label Maker Deluxe (LMD) allows for the creation of 90 record databases

MegaDisk from Digital Express allow you to use the BIG memory boards as supper fast ramdisks. The two main programs on this package are: shortdisk, and fulldisk. The 'fulldisk' program will give the largest possible ramdisk size that your memory board will allow'. Thus, fulldiisk can even be used for those of you who only have the 64K card. The 'shortdisk' program MUST be used with the larger memory boards (128K, 256k, and 512K).

MultiCart, CopyCart+ and Coleco Game Copy from M.W. Ruth Co. and MMSG Ever since reading the Hinkles' Hacker's Guide to Adam and learning that it's really possible to copy cartridge games to data pack or disk, I've been waiting for some clever hacker to produce a commercially available utility for this purpose. And now, wonder of wonders, two have hit the market almost simultaneously: "Multicart Backup" from M.W. Ruth and "Cartcopy+" from MMSG. Price-wise, Cartcopy+ has the edge: $15 versus $19.95. But, although they both work extremely well, there are significant differences in their convenience to the user.

Multi-Cart Backup 2.0 from Practical Programs Multi-cart Backup is a copy utility written in SmartBASIC that allows the user to copy multiple Colecovision game cartridges onto one disk. The advertisement in Practical Programs'catalog states that "up to 16" cartridges can be placed on one disk/ddp. This is possible, assuming that we are talking about a 256K DDP and no cartridge is longer than 16K bytes (though most of the more recent cartridges are 24 or 32K). However, for a disk, ...

Multi-Loader, EOS, SmartBASIC v1.5, Pro-Load and Pro-Copy from Practical Programs This disk is basically a huge revision on Coleco's SmartBASIC 1.0. Multi-Loader is the boot block replacement for the rather unimaginative one located on the standard SmartBASIC; instead of blanking the screen and loading BASIC, this one gives informative information and allows you a choice of options on what exactly you wish to load. By holding down different keys and pulling the computer reset switch with the disk in the drive, you have a choice of loading SmartBASIC by itself, SmartBASIC with the EOS revision, SmartBASIC with the EOS revision and ProLoad, or any combination of the above.

Mystery from S&A Software "You have just received an invitation to solve a gruesome murder in the swank mansion of Mr. Vic Tim. When you arrive, all the suspects and possible murder weapons have already been assembled in the Drawing Room. You must carefully analyze all the clues given in order to determine who killed Mr. Tim, in what room, and with which weapon..." (added 3/26/00)

PackCOPY from Unreal Software  It copies data packs to disks; disks to data packs; data packs to data packs (requires two drives), and disks to disks (also requires two drives). It is very easy to use and the documentation is almost perfect.

PowerMate from Micro Innovations First thing that we should talk about is the interface itself. The interface is very designed and very professional looking, to install it, just plug it into the center slot-- that's it. Now what if you have a large X-RAM addressor card there? No problem, just detach the wire from it and solder in onto the Powermate interface

PowerMATE Hard Drive from Micro Innovations The PowerMATE consists of the unit and drive(s), interface card, four ribbon cables, software, and instruction manual. The Interface Card plugs into the second expansion port under the console cabinet top cover. It faces to the left, opposite the PIA2 or PRINTER INTERFACE CARD. The PowerMATE Interface card provides the normal use of a parallel dot matrix printer, and a cable is provided

PowerPAINT from Digital Express PowerPAINT is by far the most comprehensive graphics design program ever developed for ADAM. It is both very, very well-designed and very, very versatile; but, even more important, it is very, very entertaining. PowerPAINT is FUN!

QUICKOPY from Orphanware Quickopy from Orphanware is a machine language copy program that utilizes a 104K copy buffer (providing you have a 64K ram expander), The 104K buffer and my lack of a second disk drive are the reasons why I bought QUICKOPY, The only drawback to this program is it's lack of file utilities, but the thing it will do is copy and this it does very well and very fast.

QUICKOPY 5 from Larry Overman Quickopy 5.0 (QK) is the shareware program available from Larry Overman. At $6.00 it is one of the best values for a copy program and it includes much more. QK supports all currently available drives (DDP; 160k, 320K, and 720k disk), and can copy with a single drive or multiple drives. It has a 16k copy buffer if you do not have a memory expander. If you do have an expander the buffer is:..

SignSHOP from Strategic Software SignSHOP has three basic components: a banner program, a sign program and a picture editor program. The latter program contains the following picture files: notes (musical notes); stork, tree, cross, giftbox; heart, house, cake, santa and jstar. Any of these pictures can be used in any banner or sign that you make; but (and this is a powerful plus) picture editor allows you to create (and save) your own pictures. You can also...

SmartBASIC v1.x from Richard F. Drushel SmartBASIC 1.x is a major rewrite of the SmartBASIC 1.0 interpreter for the Coleco ADAM computer. SmartBASIC 1.x provides the programmer with 40 new commands and 37 functions, and enhances the operation of 7 existing commands and 7 functions. SmartBASIC 1.x allows the programmer *COMPLETE* access to the hardware and software capabilities of the ADAM, using simple, high-level commands--without arbitrary PEEKs, POKEs, or CALLs, and without the programmer needing to understand Z80 machine language.

SmartBASIC v1.05 from Gregg Noblett the customized version of Basic which be calls version 1.05. This is the version Gregg uses with most of his own programming. Many of the bothersome bugs are fixed, and enhancements added. (Care should be taken not to confuse versions of BASIC when programmingi never alter your only copy of BASIC!) Printed below are excerpts from Gregg's letter describing the modifications.

SmartBASIC v2.0 from Coleco Though never finally released by Coleco (who terminated the project shortly before discontinuing further Adam production and development), a revised, still incomplete (no enhanced sound or graphics!!) version of SmartBASIC dubbed 2.0 has found its way into the "Adam underground" in what amounts to a beta-testing form. Having obtained a working copy of my own, I've spent some hours checking it out and comparing its features with those of the V1.0 we've all come to know and love/hate.

SmartDSK Cartridge from Walters Software Co make it easier for ADAM users to boot up the SmartDSK operating system. This system also includes ramdisk routines. The Cartridge installs in the normal GAME CART SLOT where it remains to be activated by pulling the Game Reset Switch. The program will immediately boot to the option screen where the size Ram Disk is shown, and key input provides the second menu which allows you to load a disk of programs into the Ram Disk, or you can save programs already loaded.

SmartDSK Cartridge Review 2 from Walters Software Co. So you say you're tired of always having to load your favorite ramdisk software from disk or ddp to set up your ramdisk options. Better yet, you're tired of having to load your favorite software programs from disk or ddp all the time, then having to reset the computer to move to another program for a short time and finally reboot the first program again. Well, the SmartDSK Cartridge is a terrific shortcut utility to use to overcome long program loading times.

SmartFILER from Coleco Coleco had finally released its first software package that could be put to practical use and would probably be a good indicator of things to come. Enclosed with the program tape was a 33 page manual and a quick reference card. The manual was indexed and the guide highlighted all the major functions and commands. All that and electronic notebook seemed to be there. But the true test of a 'data base' for the home user is the ease with which you can create, store, retrieve and print your valuable information.

Smart Letters & Forms from Coleco With over 100 letters and forms for most applications for the home, Smart Letters & Forms is designed to help create that perfect resume or letter to the editor that most of us can't seem to find the right words for. You simply plug in your information where the blanks are, or if you feel you need further assistance, you can review a. completed sample provided for most forms.

SmartWRITER Elite from Jim Walters "SmartWRITER ELITE, by Jim Walters, is a new enhancement to the SmartWRITER Word Processing program that is built into each and every ADAM Computer System. Numerous bugs in the Operating System of the ADAM are fixed via the implementation of the SmartDSK Operating System..." (added 2/10/00)

SwiftPRINT from Solomon Swift I am usually the first kid on the block to snatch up any new graphics programs as soon as they are released. SwiftPRINT was an exception. I did NOT rush out and buy it, because I thought its main attraction was the ability to use a color printer. I do not HAVE a color printer, so I didn't bother. It wasn't until ADAMCON, while chatting with Tony Patterson, that I discovered some of its other capabilities. Later, Tony, Eric Danz, and I used some of its features in a joint project. The next day, I took advantage of special convention pricing and bought it

Uncle Ernie's Toolkit from ? One of the better backup utility program packages available for the ADAM is Uncle Ernie's Toolkit. This series of programs will allow you to copy nearly all of your most important soft-ware such as SmartBASIC, ADAMCALC, SmartFILER, SmartLOGO, etc.

Veriback 2.0 from Practical Programs Veriback is another commercial copy program, written in SmartBASIC and saved with FastRun for speed loading. The program comes in two versions, one with a standard 20K copy buffer (for those who still have one disk drive) and a second version with an 82K buffer that takes advantage of the standard Coleco memory expander. While the program runs at BASIC speed (slightly slower than MMSG's Backup+ 3.0), it has a few features not found in most of the other copy programs on the market, the most significant of ...


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