FileManager v2.0 Review
by Tony Morehen

This program is one of the latest, and I would venture to say, the best, (in my experience anyway), of the EOS utilities. This utility seems to do all those things you would expect a good utility program to do. To top things off, the documentation, provided as a documentary file on the master tape or disk, is very comprehensive and easily understood.
The progam itself is self-loading and very fast, being writtem in machine language. Once loaded the program media can be removed from the drive. The whole program is menu driven, with the SMARTkeys and the dedicated function keys being used to select among the various options offered on the numerous screens. In general, pressing RETURN will advance you to the next stage of the program, while ESCAPE will return you to the main menu.
FILEMANAGER will use expansion memory (if it is installed), as part of it's copy buffer. Of course, in the process of doing this, it would destroy the contents of expansion memory, if this has been set up as a ram-disk, in the same session on the computer, by any previously used program. 
The size of the copy buffer (depending on the size of expansion memory installed), is announced on the opening screen. With a 512K expander the copy buffer totals 530K.
FILEMANAGER will perform all the following functions.
1) Copy files (one at a time or in groups).
2) Delete files (one at a time or in groups).
3) Print files (again one at a time or in groups).
4) Backup disks or tapes.
5) Krunch disks or tapes.
6) Copy blocks.
7) Edit blocks.
8) Format disks, (or tapes, but not blanks). Disks may be single-sided, double-sided, or quad-density. Also two drives can be used simultaneously.
9) Initialize tapes or disks, with the right block count, and with the option of up to an 8 block directory.
10) Edit a tape or disk directory.
Finally the default setup can be changed, quite simply, using the SMARTkeys, so that screen colours, and source and destination drive parameters, can be selected with one key stroke.

I highly recommend this program as a most useful and easy to use EOS utility. It's author is a Canadian who has produced a number of exceptional programs for the ADAM computer. Most recently he has written the new operating system for the ADAM, T-DOS, as well as the software to support the hard drives produced by both John Lingrel and Micro-Innovations.

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