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For those of you who have one of the Orphanware expander boards (64K, 128K, 256K, 512K)and MegaDISK, or you were thinking about purchasing these, this new program from Digital Express just may help you make your decision. NOTE: This program requires MegaDISK from Digital Express.. and at least a 64K memory expander (a BIG expander is recommended).

As amazing as it sounds, this set of ramdisk utilities allows the use of a memory board as if it is a HARD DISK. What this means is that you can store several COLECO programs, such as ADAMCALCY SMARTBASIC 1.0. ADAM LINK (I OR II)., as well as several of your own favorite SmartBASIC programs on the expander., and then switch to either one is just seconds. Sounds good? You bet it is.

Two programs called PACK and, UNPACK are used to put all your favorite programs/files onto the ramdisk for you. First, you use the EZfileXFER program and copy your files to the ramdisk. The program PACK will then pack all your ram based programs/files into one large file and save it to Disk or Tape for you. The next time you use the system , boot SmartBASIC, and then run the program called UNPACK.

UNPACK will separate all your programs/files from the packed file and very quickly save them to your ram disk for you.

If you have put ADAM CALC, SmartBASIC, and ADAM LINK (I or II) to your ramdisk,, you then insert the XRAMpack I package and pull the reset. You will then be given a menu to boot these COLECO programs (SmartWRITER is included) all in just 3 seconds. For those of you who use these four COLECO programs several times in a session., the XRAMpack I package can be a real time saver.

Not only can you do the above, but this package also contains a program called XRcopy, which is simply the fastest and best copy utility ever created for the ADAM.

While it will not copy your individual programs or files (that can be done with EZfileXFER contained on MegaDISK), XRcopy is simply amazing. It allows the use of all the available area above what you have used for your files. In other words, you can use this program after you have stored several files to your ramdisk, and your files are not disturbed.

If there is enough room in your ramdisk, XRcopy will read the entire contents of your medium into the buffer,, and then make your copy in one pass.

What a time saver this is. It's great!

One feature of XRcopy., that we have found indispensable, is the repeat function. This multi-copy function will allow you to make multiple copies just by pressing the RETURN KEY. For users groups, ADAM retailers,, or anyone who wishes to make several copies of a package, this will save you much needed time.

One other feature that we found indispensable is the block check function. This option allows you to cheek your Tapes/Disk for bad spots (or blocks).

When you have finished using XRcopy, you can then "GET" a directory of another Tape/Disk and then 'RUN" another program. You can also -rename, delete,, files with this same function.

Please -remember that it is illegal to distribute copies of copyrighted software.

One last note on using this package. Even though Digital Express always supplies excellent instructions; some of us just go right ahead and try to use a software package before we have studied the documentation.

With XRAMpack I, I strongly suggest that you read the instructions thoroughly before proceeding. This will help prevent you from encountering any potential problems.

One sour note to this package is that it WILL NOT work with the RAMDSK program from Walters Software Company. This incompatibility problem can cause some software duplication.

With the above complaint aside, this is a fantastic package which we highly recommend.


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