Easy Come, Easy Go
by MMSG Software
Reviewed by Barry Wilson

I know that Easy Come, Easy Go is NOT a new program. But I was using it the other day in my business and I found it to be the excellent program. I remembered from prior use, so I thought I would bring it to your attention again, should you have the need for such a program.

"Easy Come, Easy Go" is a collection of financially based program modules designed to compute, summarize, and report how a given sum of money, whether borrowed or saved, is affected by interest rates and time. These modules are designed to be easy to use and they can help you better manage your financial resources.


Once the program has been loaded the "MAIN MENU" screen will appear and you will be prompted to select one of six functional catagories. Four of these functions (ie. Amortization Schedule, Payment Table, Loan Totals Table, Quit) perform a single specific function. The other two functions (Loan Calculations, Savings Calculations) will display an additional menu screen from which a specific function can be selected. You can exit the program entirely by selecting "QUIT" (Smartkey VI) from the "MAIN MENU" screen.


"Easy Come-Easy Go" contains the necessary software to drive the standard ADAM printer or a parallel printer interface card. When the "MAIN MENU" is displayed, the program checks to see if a parallel printer card has been installed. If so, an additional prompt is displayed on the menu screen (A/P Adam or Parallel Printer). Depressing the A or P key at this time will toggle the system between the two different drivers. This feature will allow you to switch printers any time the "MAIN MENU" screen is displayed. NOTE: You will not receive the prompt (described above) if your system is not equipped with a printer card and all printed output will be sent to the ADAM printer.


The program modules make use of Speical Keys to make it even easier for you to use these program modules.


I found this to be an excellent set of programs which are very well written and very helpful. They are easy to use and MMSG put in many helpful features, such as printer choice and use of specail keys.

I would highly recommend it.

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