Big Memory Boards
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Orphanware has been a long supporter of the ADAM b manufacturing high quality memory Lards, printer interfaces, and software. Now, Orphanware released three versions of BIG memory boards. These are128K, 256K, 512K. At long last, we ADAM owners can have as much memory as the BIG BOYS.

In order to use these new boards, you must have the orphanware printer interface, or you must also purchase an addresser ($17.50). If you already have an Orphanware interface, you need to send it to us so We can Attach the addresser wire from the memory board onto your interface. If you don't have an interface you can order a BIG memory board already attached to the required addresser board.

What advantage are these boards to you? You can use these boards as LARGE RAM DISKS under CP/M and SmartBASIC. Included with each board is the proper software to use them under CP/M. To use them under SmartBASIC, a ram disk program is -required (such as RAMDSK-256 from Walters Software Co., or Megadisk from Digital Express.

When using these boards as a high speed ram disk, you won't believe how fast you can load from your expansion board. It just has to be seen to be believed. I wouldn't do without mine.

Our 256K board was very easy to install, and has been used without a glitch. If you want more memory, we highly recommend these boards from Orphanware.


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