by Tom Clary
by Hardnosed Harry & Barry Wilson

As you no doubt are well aware, Hardnosed Harry is the critics' critic, having nothing positive to say about anything. It is even said that immediately after his delivery at the age of 2 minutes, he was critical of the physicians delivery technique as well as the delivery room lighting. HARRY'S COMMENTS WILL APPEAR IN CAPITAL LETTERS AS HARRY ALWAYS SEEMS TO SPEAK & WRITE IN LOUD CAPITAL LETTERS.

ADAMLink III+ is a terminal program that supports the use of the internal ADAMLink modem or external HAYES compatible serial modems at baud rates up to 2400 baud, the SMARTWriter or parallel dot maxtrix printer, and video or 80 column serial terminal output in terminal mode or output to both devices at one time.

ADAMLink III+ supports file transfers using capture for text files and XModem for binary or text files.

ADAMLink III+ can be split into FIVE functional parts:

1. Dialing

1. Enter Number to Dial
2. Hang Up
3. Answer
4. Re-dial

2. Terminal Mode Commands

3. Parameter Setup

1. Printer

1. SmartWriter
2. Parallel Printer

2. Terminal

1. Graphics
2. 80 Column serial terminal
3. Combined output

3. Modem

1. ADAMLink Modem
2. Serial Modem

4. Saving or recalling of parameter setup

4. File transfer

1. Text Capture
2. XModem

5. Documentation

This review is in a large part based on the excellent documentation as it expresses the concepts in a much better way than I could. OF COURSE IT DOES, ANYTHING WOULD EXPRESS ITSELF BETTER THAN YOU. Why thank you Hardnosed Harry, I think that is the nicest thing you ever said about me. THINK, YOU THINK, VERY FUNNY.

The author, who has done an excellent job identifies himself and asks you to:

Please report any problems or bugs to the author at:

Tom Clary
9015 Esther Dr.
Loveland, Ohio 45140

Include S.A.S.E. for reply or send message to author on CompuServe ID#71330,3636

2. Terminal Mode Commands

Certain keys have special functions assigned to them:

a) <HOME> will erase the graphics display of any text. It will not affect a serial terminal.
b) <WILD CARD> switchs between TERMINAL and COMMAND mode .
c) <UNDO> will stop printing.
d) <PRINT> will print a selected portion of the graphics display. The <UP> and <DOWN> arrows can be used to select which portion of the screen to print.
e) <SHIFT> + <PRINT> will start or stop the printing of characters continuously as they are received.
f) <CLEAR> will erase all characters received but not displayed.
g) <INSERT> will pause or restart characters being received from the host.

3. Parameter Setup

The SELECT OPTIONS choice selects the setup menu options:

3.1. Printer
3.1.1 SmartWriter
3.1.2 Parallel Printer

3.2. Terminal

Terminal output can be directed to graphics, a serial terminal, or to both.

3.3. Modem

ADAMLink modem or external RS-232 HAYES compatible modems connected with an Orphanware RS-232 or compatible interface.

4. File Transfer

File transfer is initiated from the FILE menu choice. Text Capture or XModem file transfer options are available. I found that the above features make this the most powerful, easy to use (SmartKey driven), and versatile Modum program (or set of programs around). The update from AdamLink III to AdamLink III + is only $ 5.00.

I very highly recommend this program to anyone with a modem of any time and to those without modems, I would recommend this program & a modem. It will open new worlds to you.

Now for the part of the review I know you are waiting for, Hardnosed Harry's comments. Let me first say, Harry loaded the program & used it for several hours, cursing and mumbling the whole time. I heard him say I KNOW THERE'S A BUG OR DEFECTIVE IN HERE SOMEWHERE. DAMN IT, I'LL FIND IT YET, CURSE, CURSE.

After 2 hours a sparkle came into Harry's eye, I know that sparkle, he finally found something to be critical of.

I said well Harry let's have it.


Well folks, there you have it. If you are looking for a modem program with a built in spelling checker, this is not for you. But if you just want a modem program that does every thing and anything you ever wanted in a modem program, including supporting parallel, serial interfaces, modems, printers, xmodem transfer, etc., then I would recommend this to you.


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