Address Book with Auto Review
by Randy Page
From: California Adam Users' Group
Issue #1

Title: Address Book With Auto
Dialer Manufacturer: Coleco
Media: Data Pack
Rating: 8

I recently obtained and have been using the address book with autodialer.

This program offers four basic functions. The data entry phase gives you a formatted screen which prompts the user to enter name, address, phone and note data on each entry. The data retrieval phase allows you four searchable fields (last name, first name, city and note one) to enable you to retrieve the people you desire. The search function also allows you to search for names you are unsure of by using, a. partial entry (i.e. Johnson could be entered John. This feature also works in the note one field and if you encode information in that field you can effectively increase your number of separately searchable features to over 20!

The Autodialer allows you to search all entries as described above and to have ADAM dial the number of the person you desired. The program also allows you to mark numbers that have no answers, etc.

The Formatted Printing is the portion of the program that I find most useful. I have used it to print mailing labels, mailing lists and personalized letters. You can establish your own format within the program for one time use or you can write a format in SmartWriter and load it as part of the print formatting stage.

My overall impression with the program is positive except for two drawbacks that should be mentioned. First; there is no provision made for fanfold paper usage. Second, once you have stored a large number of entries on the data pack; ADAM is much slower at retrieving them from memory.

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