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Open Source Games by Ventzislav Tzvetkov Includes source code.

Get by Dale Wick  Includes source code.

GhostBlaster by Daniel Bienvenu  Includes source code. by Ventzislav Tzvetkov Includes Source Code.

Mist by Dale Wick Includes Source Code.

Orbit - Rom, Docs & Source Code (1983) (Parker Bros.).zip by ?  Includes Source Code.

Pickin by Daniel Bienvenu Includes Source Code.

Smash_(Minigame_Compo_2003).zip by ? Includes Source Code by ? Smooth Criminal, Includes Source Code



abc2cvm-0.10.tar.gz by Philipp Klaus will create Colecovision music data for use with the Colecovision utility library from .abc music files. There is a tutorial showing how to use it. abc2cvm is covered by the GPL.

abc2cvm-tutorial2.rtf by Philipp Klaus

CCI - FrontEnd for Windows to use Hi-Tech by ?

CCI 2 (2010) (Unknown).zip by ?

Coleco Graphics Editor (1996) (John Dondzila).zip by John Dondzila

Coleco Vision Controller Test v1.0 (2005) (Bruce Tomlin)(+src).zip by Brue Tomlin

ColecoVision OS7 BIOS Sound Bank (Beta).rar by ?

Compression-0.1.tar.gz by Philipp Klaus This is version 0.1 of the ColecoVision compression utilities. This is the version used in the game "Search for the stolen Crown Jewels 2". decompression functions are in libcvu. There in a compression example program distributed with libcv 0.11. There are four programs involved in compressing data:

CV Graphics Toolkit_w32 (2009) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco).zip by Daniel Bienvenu

CV- Sound Generator (2010) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco).zip by Daniel Bienvenu

CV Sound Generator v20100315 (2010) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco).zip by Daniel Bienvenu

CVLib - Library by Marcel de Kogel for Hi-Tech C. +2 by Marcel de Kogel How to write ColecoVision ROM images with HiTech-C 3.09 v1.0

CVLib 4k - Optimized Coleco library to create 4K games. +2 by Daniel Bienvenu

CVLib SP32 - 32 Sprites Coleco by ?

CVMTuning-0.2.tar.gz by Philipp Klaus an utility which creates tuning tables for use with the Colecovision utility library. This can be useful if you want to use a pitch other than the standard A=440 Hz, so you can easily use e.g. the pitch of A at 480 Hz used for organs in Bach's times or the pitch of A at 380 Hz as used in early 18th century England. So far cvmtuning supports equal tuning only.

CV-Notes v0.21_win32 (2010) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco).zip by Daniel Bienvenu

CVStuff-Frohwein.lha by Jeff Frohwein TRANSLAT.COM is an old CP/M program to convert
8080 style mnemonics to z80 style mnemonics.You will need to do this if you plan on compiling any of these files. To run this program you MUST use a CP/M emulator. I have used Z80MU with
out problems. by ? Includes source code.

dasmx v1.40 (2003) (Conquest Consultants).zip by Conquest Consultants A microprocessor opcode disassembler by ?

GetPut - Daniel Bienvenu's Toolbox Library. +3 src by Daniel Bienvenu

Hi-Tech C Compiler v3.09 (CP-M).zip by ?

I.C.V.G.M. Complete (2005) (Daniel Bienvenu).zip by Daniel Bienvenu

LibCV-0.18.tar.gz by Philipp Klaus Krause (Colecovision utility library) This is the colecovision library. A low level library to provide access to the ColecoVision's hardware. The ColecoVision library exposes the ColecoVision hardware's functionality to the C programmer. All basic functionality is supported. Support for the scrolling wheel on the super action controllers is still missing. The ColecoVision utility library builds on top of the ColecoVision library. It provides a higher level of abstraction. Both are covered by the LGPL. Small demo programs are included and functions are documented in comments in the header files. The latest version is libcv 0.18 / libcvu 0.11 from 2009-9-25. sdcc 2.9.0 or newer is recommended. The libraries are intended for use with the sdcc compiler and my tools png2cv, png2cvs, abc2cvm and cvmtuning.

 Micro Compiler v0.77 for TDOS by Dale Wick a compiler for a basic-like language, which will turn into the Express Basic compiler for the Coleco Adam. This version is designed for TDOS (or CP/M) use and is a command line program. it is tuned to make TDOS programs easily. It could be used for making EOS programs or boot block programs.

PNG2CV-0.13.tar.gz by Philipp Klaus Krause a tool that creates ColecoVision characters for bitmap mode from .png images.

PNG2CVS-0.5.tar.gz by Philipp Krause a tool to create ColecoVision sprites from .png images with an alpha channel. It supports multi-color sprites (creating one ColecoVision sprite per color) and coordinate offsets so that big objects that require multiple sprites can be kept in a single file. Both 8x8 and 16x16 sprites are supported.

S.D.C.C. 2 (2009) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco).zip by Daniel Bienvenu by ? RLE encoded pictures by Daniel Bienvenu COLECO DEV. + SDCC, Since the new versions of Windows whose Vista do not allow my kit programming of origin to normally function, I converted my bookshops to be used with another compiling that Hi-Tech C.

SmartBASIC 1.x by Richard F. Drushel SmartBASIC 1.x version 20Y (c) 1991, 1997 regenerated Z80 assembly source

StartKit - Beginner's Kit Contains compiler, libraries, tools and 2 by ?

VOIrom (2004) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco).zip by Daniel Bienvenu

WAV2CV 3 & DS (2005) (Unknown).zip by Daniel Bienvenu Convert sound (WAV PCM) to data

z80 ToolKits and by ?


Conversion Tools

22Disk v1.24 (1988) (Sydex).zip by Sydex 22DISK is a set of programs to copy, format, display and manipulate diskettes written on CP/M systems.

22Disk v1.38 (1992) (Sydex).zip by Sydex 22DISK is a set of programs to copy, format, display and manipulate diskettes written on CP/M systems.

22Disk v1.40 (1993) (Sydex).zip by Sydex 22Disk is a DOS utility that allows one to read, write and format over 400 different CP/M diskette formats. It includes a definitions file which also allows you to "roll your own" format specifications for systems not included in the list.

ADAM Connection (1988) (SpeedyWrite Software).zip by David White Convert ADAM files to IBM files

ADAM Connection (1996) (SpeedyWrite Software).zip by David White Convert ADAM files to IBM files

ADAM Disk Maker (1990) (John Wiley).zip by John Wiley To create an ADAM Disk.

ADAMDisk (1990) (John Wiley).zip by John Wiley The ADAMDISK files are for Coleco ADAM computer users who have access to an IBM compatible computer. There is also technical information of interest to ADAM owners, even if they don't have access to an IBM compatible.

ADAM-DOS v1.00 (1992) (Bonafide Systems).zip by Bonafide Systems a collection of freeware DOS programs for transferring ADAM files to and from MSDOS or PCDOS

ADAM-DOS v1.20 (1994) (Bonafide Systems).zip by Bonafide Systems a collection of freeware DOS programs for transferring ADAM files to and from MSDOS or PCDOS

ADAMEm DCopy Batfiles (2003) (Unknown).zip by ?
ADAMEm Utilities DOC (200x) (Guy Bona III).zip by Guy Bona III This documentation will help you get started with running the Adam Emulator Utilities for MS-DOS.

ARROW.Zip by DIGITAL EXPRESS  a public domain donation by DIGITAL EXPRESS presented in Nibbles & Bits AUGust, 1988 PowerPAINT patch Allows you to design the "draw foreground" arrow. (suggestion by Tony Patterson)

BMP 2 PowerPAINT v1.1 & Source (1997) (Marcel de Kogel).zip by Marcel de Kogel BMP2PP PowerPaint image utilities Version 1.1 for Win32.

Coleco 2 MIDI (1998) (Marcel de Kogel).zip by Marcel de Kogel  Coleco sound file to MIDI converter Version 1.1

Convert Disk v1.1 & Source (1997) (Marcel de Kogel).zip by Marcel de Kogel Coleco ADAM disk image converter v1.1 by ? CV Sound Bank Editor by John Dondzila Coleco Graphics Editor, This is the graphics editor which I used to design the screens for Star Fortress. cveditor-csample3.gif by Daniel Bienvenu CV PAINT 2 Editor of pixels for screen bitmap. CV SPRITES 2 Editor of sprites by Daniel Bienvenu Tool of assistance to the encoding of a note or a simple special effect without change of frequency of the sound

cvpaint - Paint tool for PowerPaint files with convert to data by Daniel Bienvenu  Coleco Paint Paint tool for PowerPaint files with convert to data option. by Daniel Bienvenu  Coleco Paint v1.7.1 PowerPaint Editor

CVPaint2 (2009) (Unknown).zip  by Daniel Bienvenu This tool (in development) can draw in a display mode supported by the TMS9918 video chip and TMS9928, which is part Colecovision, TI99/4a, MSX-1, Memotech 512, etc.. I started programming this tool in the ultimate tool that replaces my current CVPAINT appointed to correspond somewhat better to the needs and the new version of the software development kit based on the SDCC compiler instead of Hi-Tech C . After some tests, you'll understand how it works. I can tell you that sometimes hold the SHIFT key is something different when you draw. Click with left button in the color palette changes the color of the ink (forecolor) and click with right button in the palette changes the color of the paper (backcolor). by Daniel Bienvenu (ColecoVision Player Demo) a giant text box where you can try whatever Coleco format sounds you want... you can even compose music with it if you know what you're doing. The parser is written in a way that all values are decoded as hexadecimal values, so if you want to write the decimal value 32, you need to write the equivalent hexadecimal value 20. ZIP archive contains the Flash CV Player version 2010-03-15, high quality sound rendering, with the source code.

DCopy (1996) (Unknown).zip by ?

DCopy32 v1.0 (2002) (Guy Bona III).zip by Guy Bona III Dcopy32 is a Visual Basic program to help you setup Dcopy. Exe Adam Emulator utility. It consists of 3 event procedures, two option buttons, Browse button that will enable you to select disk image files to copy to an Adam Disk.
DDP Convert (1997) (Marcel de Kogel)(+src).zip by Marcel de Kogel to create tape images for use with ADAMEm

Dither (2005) (Unknown).zip by ? Convet a picture to PowerPaint

EOS Disk v1.0 (1997) (Marcel de Kogel).zip by Marcel de Kogel Coleco ADAM EOS disk image utilities. by Daniel Bienvenu Instant-Coleco-Vision-Game-Maker: I've decided to quickly upload my graphic tool ICVGM, but this time in its more complete form including the DOS and Windows versions.

icvgm214 - Draw sprites and characters for screen mode  by Daniel Bienvenu

icvgm303 - Draw sprites and characters for screen mode  by Daniel Bienvenu

icvgmfnt - Font to be used with by Daniel Bienvenu by ?

OS7 (BIOS) Sound Bank (Beta).zip by ?

PowerPAINT Utilities v1.0 & Source (1997) (Marcel de Kogel).zip by Marcel de Kogel PowerPaint image utilities


Emulators - CP/M

22Nice v1.30 (1990) (Sydex).zip by Sydex

22Nice V1.32 (1992) (Sydex).zip by Sydex

22Nice v2.2 - CP-M Emulator for by Sydex

My Z80 V1.11 (1993) (Simeon Cran).zip by Simeon Cran

My Z80 V1.24 (1998) (Simeon Cran).zip by Simeon Cran

Z80MU V2.1 (1985) (Joan Riff).zip by Joan Riff

Z80MU V5.2B (1989) (Joan Riff).zip by Joan Riff


Emulators - ColecoVision Game Unit

Bee v2.4.1-win (2009) (Unknown).zip by Bee Only the NTSC version is emulated. However, as games were designed to work both on NTSC and PAL machines, there should be no major compatibility problems. Emulation quality is quite high, all games seem to work well. You need a System ROM for the ColecoVision to work. by Team The blueMSX MSX emulator is approaching its third anniversary and in this short time it has established itself as the most advanced and feature rich MSX emulator. It supports most common machines and a wide variety of extension hardware. A feature rich debugger is also included in the emulator. During the last two years, the MSX emulation has been extended and support for other systems have been added. blueMSX is now also an SVI emulator, and supports the ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000 consoles.

Cogwheel Setup v1. (2009) (Unknown) by Benry A software emulator primarily for 8-bit Sega hardware, such as the Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear and SG-1000. The ColecoVision is also supported. The project uses a modular design based around a Z80 core emulator class library. The rest of the Sega-specific emulation is implemented in another class library, and the user interface is implemented as a separate application. This would allow the main emulator to be easily adapted to different interfaces.

ColEm v2.6-Windows (2010) (Marat Fayzullin).zip by Marat Fayzullin supports both standard and SuperAction controllers, including the spinners (controlled with mouse movement). I have also started adding Coleco Adam emulation but it is not finished yet.

FPGA ColecoVision v2.1 (2006) (Arnim Lauger).zip by Arnim Lauger

Koleko VOS v1-33 (2002) (SiRioKD).zip by SiRioKD

The Virtual ColecoVision V2.11a (1997) (Neal Danner).zip by Neal Danner


Emulators - Coleco Bios by ? Various BIOS, fire to skip, thick characters, no delay, etc..

M.E.S.S. BIOS Files & by ? ADAM Bios and CV too.

Spectravideo SVI-603 Coleco Game


Emulators - ADAM Computer

ADAMEm Manager v1.1 (1999) (Marcel de Kogel).zip by Marcel de Kogel

ADAMEm v1.0 (1999) (Marcel de Kogel).zip by Marcel de Kogel An adoption of the ADAM Computer, runs under DOS

M.E.S.S. v0.137b_i686 (2010) (Multi).zip by Team A Multi machine emulator that supports Coleco ADAM. by Yonah (for mess 0.134) Fixes Mess for NTSC speed rather than PAL. made a small change in the adam.c file: Line 640: MDRV_SCREEN_REFRESH_RATE(50) Replace with: MDRV_SCREEN_REFRESH_RATE((float)XTAL_10_738635MHz/2/342/262) MDRV_SCREEN_VBLANK_TIME(ATTOSECONDS_IN_USEC(2500)) /* not accurate */

Virtual ADAM v1.03 (2010) (Steve Pitman).zip by Steve Pitman A super frontend using DOSBox and ADAMEm


Cartridge Construction Kit

GhostBlaster Cartridge - Level Builder Windows 32-Bit (2009) (Daniel Bienvenu).zip by Daniel Bienvenu


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