ColecoVision Overlays
How To

Saving the Overlay.

Simply download the overlay by right-clicking on the link or right-clicking on the image itself and choosing “save as.” Make a note of which folder you save the overlay to.
Check the Overlay Width.
Open up the overlay in your favorite graphics printing program.
The most important thing is to make sure the overlay is exactly 2.5” wide (be sure to include the tab on the right side of the overlay in this measurement!)  When resizing be sure you maintain the aspect ratio otherwise the height will come out wrong. Super Controller overlays are easier to resize the height, which is exactly 2-5/16"
When resizing you don’t want to down-sample (reduce the number of pixels) the overlays, it’ll make the image look blocky and terrible. You just want to change the print size.
Printing the Overlay.
You can simply print on regular paper, but you’ll get much better results using glossy photo paper. Another option is to use opaque film or overhead projector paper. These plastic sheets will give your overlays the look and feel of the originals.


Make you own ColecoVision Overlays
Yurkie 2010


I think there may be an interest here for people that would like to make replica overlays, overlays for games that could benefit from them but don't have them or homebrews.

I'll share with you my method for overlays. This is how I made the overlays for My Mario Bros. Controller set and a new one for Quest for Quintana Roo

1. Take your image with 9 overlays...then mirror it. (9 fit on 8 1/2" X 11" sheet)
2. Convert the file to a .pdf
3. take it to a print shop and have it printed on transparency film ( Office Max does it for about $2 a sheet)
4. take the transparency sheet (spray adhesive on printed side) and a sheet of regular printer paper and spray 3M Super 77 Multipurpose adhesive on both.
5. Let both cure for 30 seconds then flip the transparency over onto the paper
6. starting from one side use a craft roller to tightly bond the 2 pieces together and insure that there is no air bubbles.
7. Very carefully cut each out by hand with nice sharp scissors.
8. Slide into your controller and enjoy.

The paper backing makes it so that you don't see the keypad numbers thru the overlay.
This adhesive works fantastic and I spent a lot of money finding a good bonding agent. Not just any old glue will do.

Since the toner is on the backside of the transparency film and paper is protecting it, you don't have to worry about it scraping off.