Jeff Frohwein's ColecoVision Experiments

Make ColecoVision Cartridges - Technical specifications on the ColecoVision hardware. (View the original coleco.doc)

Development System ROM - A system to allow you to upload code to a ColecoVision using the Joystick as a joystick. (View the original develop.doc)

COL1.ASM - Dissassembly of a ColecoVision cartridge

COL2.ASM - Part 2 of the dissassembly.

COL3.ASM - Part 3 of the dissassembly.

RLOAD.ASM - Remote Loader source for interface described in the development documentation.

TRANSLAT.COM - 8080 to Z80 translator V 2.1 for CP/M (use shift + left click to download)

TRON.ASM - Source for CP/M program to transmit Intel .HEX file over the serial port to a ColecoVision under test.