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 First take a brand new unused DDP and a standard 60-minute
audio cassette and lay them on the table in front of you.
Place them with the "A" side up and the edge with the tape
exposed toward you.

Now, you will notice on the edge closest to you, the edge
with the tape exposed, that there are two holes in the DDP
and there are four holes in the cassette. You must take a
5/32 drill and very carefully drill the other two holes in
the DDP. These two additional holes in the DDP allow you
to insert the DDP into a standard cassette player. They are
the drive shaft holes.

Now turn both the DDP and the cassette over to the backside.
Look at the edges opposite the edge with the tape exposed
You will notice two holes in the DDP that are not in the
cassette. Drill these holes in the cassette. NOTE: These
holes are only half way through, not all the way like the
other two you drilled earlier in the DDP. Use a 5/32 drill
here also. These holes allow you to physically insert the
cassette into ADAM's data drive.

You now have the DDP and the audio cassette in the exact
same physical configuration. All you have to do now is copy
the formatting from the DDP to the audio cassette and the
audio cassette can be used exactly as a new, blank DDP!!!

To copy the formatting, I use an AIWA model WX 220 stereo
double cassette deck. The great feature of this deck is that
it copies all four tracks at one time. This is VERY
important! If you just hook two stereo decks together and
copy two tracks (one side), then your new DDP won't work!
If you use two separate decks, you must copy one side (two
tracks), then stop both recorders at EXACTLY the same time,
turn the DDP and the cassette over, and copy the back side.

Obviously, the DDP is in the "play" deck and the cassette
is in the "record" deck since you are copying the formatting
from the DDP to the cassette.

With my AIWA deck, I can make myself a new DDP every 15
minutes since I only have to make one pass through the
machine, and this machine copies at double normal speed.
Using two separate cassette decks, it will take one hour to
make a DDP since both front and back sides have to be copied
at normal speed.

By the way...ANY DDP can be copied this way...Super Game
Packs, SmartBasic, Logo, Calc, etc.
Because of this, I have ALL of my program tapes and games
on backup cassettes, which is all I use, and my master tapes
are stored away in the closet. If I happen to ruin a tape,
or the data drive eats a tape..NO SWEAT. I just pull out the
master and make another copy on cassette and put the master
back into storage.

When recording, I set the record level at about +6 db on the
VU meter. ADAM seems to like this best.

Good Luck!

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