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2010 - The Graphic Action Game.pdf

Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress.pdf

Alphabet Zoo.pdf

Amazing Bumpman.pdf

Antarctic Adventure (Poster).pdf

Antarctic Adventure.pdf


Artillery Duel.pdf

B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge.pdf

B.C.'s Quest for Tires.pdf


Blockade Runner.pdf

Boulder Dash.pdf

Brain Strainers.pdf

Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom.pdf

Bump 'n' Jump.pdf



Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures In The Park.pdf

Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show (Parents Manual).pdf

Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show.pdf

Campaign '84.pdf

Canadian MiniGames Volume 1.pdf




Chuck Norris SuperKicks.pdf

Congo Bongo.pdf

Cosmic Avenger.pdf

Cosmic Crisis.pdf

CVDrum - Drum Machine.pdf

Dam Busters, The (Mission Guide).pdf

Dam Busters, The (Supplement).pdf

Dam Busters, The.pdf

Dance Fantasy.pdf

Decathlon, The Activision.pdf



Diamond Dash.txt

Donkey Kong Jr.pdf

Donkey Kong.pdf

Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler.pdf


Dukes Of Hazzard, The.pdf

Easter Bunny.txt




Flipper Slipper.pdf

Fortune Builder (Straegy Guide).pdf

Fortune Builder.pdf

Fraction Fever.pdf

Frantic Freddy.pdf


Frogger II - Threedeep.pdf


Front Line.pdf


Gateway To Apshai.pdf

Ghostblaster - 1 Front.pdf

Ghostblaster - 1 Rear.pdf

Ghostblaster - 2 Front.pdf

Ghostblaster - 2 Rear.pdf

Ghostblaster - 3 Front.pdf

Ghostblaster - 3 Rear.pdf

Ghostblaster - 4 Front.pdf

Ghostblaster - 4 Rear.pdf


Gust Buster.pdf




Illusions (The Key).pdf


It's Only Rock 'n' Roll.pdf

James Bond - 007.pdf

Jeepers Creepers.pdf

Jukebox (Supplement).txt


Jump or Die.txt

Jumpman Junior.pdf

Jungle Hunt.pdf

Ken Uston's Blackjack & Poker.pdf

Keystone Kapers.pdf

Lady Bug.pdf

Learning with Leeper.pdf

Linking Logic.pdf

Logic Levels.pdf


Lord of the Dungeon.doc

Maze Maniac.pdf

Memory Manor.pdf

Miner 2049er.pdf

Monkey Academy.pdf

Montezuma's Revenge.pdf


Motocross Racer (Telegames).pdf

Motocross Racer.pdf

Mountain King.pdf

Mouse Trap.pdf

Mr. Do!'s Castle.pdf

Mr. Do!.pdf

Nova Blast.pdf

Oil's Well.pdf

Omega Race.pdf

One on One.pdf

Pepper II.pdf

Pitfall II - Lost Caverns.pdf




Q-bert's Qubes.pdf


Quest for Quintana Roo.pdf

River Raid.pdf

Robin Hood.pdf

Roc'N Rope.pdf

Rock N' Bolt.pdf

Rocky - Super Action Boxing.pdf


Root Beer Tapper.pdf

Sammy Lightfoot.pdf

Sector Alpha.pdf

Sewer Sam.pdf

Shunting Puzzle.txt

Sir Lancelot.pdf




Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop.pdf

Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle.pdf

Space Fury.pdf

Space Hunter.txt

Space Panic.pdf

Space Trainer.txt


Spy Hunter.pdf

Squish'Em Sam.pdf

Star Trek.pdf

Star Wars.pdf

Strike It.pdf


Super Action Baseball (Scorepad).pdf

Super Action Baseball (Supplement).pdf

Super Action Baseball.pdf

Super Action Football (Playbook).pdf

Super Action Football.pdf

Super Action Soccer.pdf

Super Cobra.pdf

Super Cross Force.pdf

Super Sketch.pdf

Tank Wars.pdf

Tarzan - From Out of the Jungle.pdf

Telly Turtle (Reference Guide).pdf

Telly Turtle (Reference).pdf

Telly Turtle.pdf


Time Pilot.pdf

Tomarc the Barbarian.pdf

Tournament Tennis (Telgames).pdf

Tournament Tennis.pdf



Up'n Down.pdf



War Games.pdf

War Room (Insert).pdf

War Room.pdf

Wing War.pdf

WizMath, The Wizard of Id's.pdf

Word Feud.pdf

Yolks on You, The.txt





ColecoVision Emulator Compatibility List v1.52 by James Carter This listing lets you know which ColecoVision ROMs are playable on which ColecoVision emulators.  It also provides other information to help you decide which ColecoVision emulator is right for you.



ColecoVision FAQ 4.1.pdf 


FAQs - Cartridges

2010 - The Graphic Action Game.txt

Antarctic Adventure.txt

Artillery Duel.txt

B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge - Stage 1 Map.png

B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge.txt

B.C.'s Quest for Tires.txt


Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park.txt


Donkey Kong Junior.txt

Donkey Kong.txt


Fortune Builder.txt

Fraction Fever.txt



Jumpman Junior.txt

Lady Bug.txt


Miner 2049er.txt

Monkey Academy.txt

Montezuma's Revenge.txt

Mr. Do! - Mr. Do! Series.txt

Mr. Do!'s Castle - Mr. Do! Series.txt

Oil's Well.txt


Robin Hood.txt

Sir Lancelot.txt

Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle.txt

Space Panic.txt




ADAM Printer Acoustic Isolation Feet - 42710.jpg

ADAM Set-Up Manual - Revised 1984.pdf

Adam Supplement - Inserting and Removing Digital Data Packs.pdf

ADAM System Check-Out and Trouble-Shooting Guide 42464E.pdf
Amiga Power-Stick.pdf

Coleco Digital Data Pack Quality Card.jpg

ColecoVision Cartridge Warranty Card - 78057B.pdf

ColecoVision Color Tuning.pdf

ColecoVision Game System.pdf

ColecoVision Owner's Manual_78200B.pdf

ColecoVision System Top Label - 74820.jpg

Controllers & Games.doc by Bob Indicates which games use which controllers.

Expansion Module-1 - Atari VCS (2600) Adapter.pdf

Expansion Module-2 - Driving Controller.pdf

Expansion Module-2 - Driving Controller_75701B.pdf

High Score HS-20 Controller.pdf

Newport Control ProStick Controller.pdf

notice_cv_controller_color_200231.jpg Coleco included the beige ADAM controllers with the CV Unit near the end of production.

Roller Controller + Supplement for ADAM Computer.pdf

Second Digital Data Drive.pdf

SpectraVideo QuickShot III Controller.pdf

Super Action Controllers.pdf

Super Sketch.pdf

Wico Command Controller.pdf



The ADAM Emulator by Marcel de Kogel. For your convenience, the ADAM Emulator manual has been inducted in HTML format. (added 1/3/00)

The EOS Programmer's Manual by Guy Cousineau. The EOS (Elementary Operating System), is one of three operating systems available to the ADAM programmer. The other two, (CP/M (now replaced by the superior and user friendly T-DOS), and 057), are best suited for "work horse" or practical programs, and game graphics, respectively.

VLU 101 by Esoteric Software "VLU is a ZCPR3-specific library utility with crunch, uncrunch, and unsqueeze capabilities. It will allow the user to view, uncompress, or extract library members or to view, uncompress (uncrunch or unsqueeze, VLU will decide), or crunch disk files. VLU will build libraries from disk files, crunching the files as they are added..." (added 1/3/00)

Wordstar v3.0 Reference Card by MicroPro International Corporation. An excellent quick reference card just in case you have to do some word processing in TDOS. (added 1/27/00)



Audio Cassette Tape to a DDP Pack by Mark_Coleco A comprehensive manual on duplcating DDP Packs on a Stereo System.

HOW TO MAKE DDPS FROM STANDARD AUDIO CASSETTES by ? A fairly simple 1980's guide to making DDPs on a stereo.

THE DESPERATION DATA PACK by Dan Ryan This is more of a story than actual details on how to make a DDP. Here for completeness.

A Guide to Disassembling the ColecoVision (Rev 1).pdf by Geoff Buchanan Instructions to open the CV case. The front panel doesn't have to come off.

Ben Hecks ColecoVision Composite Video & Audio Mod.doc by Ben Heck, note the audio part of this mod is incompatable with the Atari 2600 expansion. It also by-passes the RF board if your board is damaged.

BIOS Replacement for ColecoVision.pdf by 5-11under

CBS(PAL) CV AV by ? This is an A/V mod for the PAL CV

Composite Video Output for ColecoVision.pdf by 5-11 under, an improved mod of Ben Hecks mod.

ColecoVision-AVMOD.pdf by Guy Uses a video amp board.

ColecoVision Composite AV Mod Installation.pdf by ?

Controller Chip Replacement for ColecoVision.pdf by 5-11 under Joystick IC chip replacement.

Installation of YPbPr-Component Video Mod Board for ColecoVision.pdf by 5-11under Shows how to install the already made circuit board.

Template for ColecoVision YPbPr/Component video modification by 5-11under A Drilling Template for the back of a CV unit.

Colecovision_5v_Memory_Mod_Installation.pdf by Raymond Jett Replacing the 4116 DRAM with 4516 or 4164 DRAM ICs which require less power and provide a more stable system.

Power Switch Cleaning for ColecoVision.pdf by 5-11 under A possible fix for corrupted graphics

8bit domain - Colecovision Video Mod Installation Guide.pdf by 8bit domain Shows how to install the already made circuit board.

8bit domain - Colecovision Video Mod&Bios Installation Guide.pdf by 8bit domain Shows how to install the already made circuit board.

Fixing A Standard ColecoVision Controller by Mark_Coleco A comprehensive manual on restoring function to your controllers.



Compression Algorithm DAN0 (2010) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco).zip

CV-Sound - Sound Generation Hardware.doc

Mayan Adventures by Dale Wick How To Make SuperGames for the ADAM or ColecoVision.

Programming ColecoVision Games v1-k.pdf by Daniel Bienvenu IN C LANGUAGE WITH HI-TECH C COMPILER UNDER WINDOWS/DOS ENVIRONMENT

G. Cousineau's Exploring SMARTBASIC Manual.doc by Guy Cousineu



2010 - The Text Adventure.pdf

ADAM Bomb 2 - The Rescue ReadMe.txt
ADAM SmartBASIC Manual (3rd Edition) 41607.rar
ADAM SmartWRITER Easy Reference Guide 41608C.pdf

ADAM's Toolkit.pdf

AutoBackup - AutoLoad & AutoSave.pdf

Demons and Dragons.pdf

Electronic Flashcard Maker - Flash Facts.pdf

Electronic Flashcard Maker.pdf


Family Feud Writer.pdf

File Manager vX.X.pdf

Formatter 3.pdf

Jeopardy Writer.pdf

PackCopy v1.1.pdf



Smart Letters and Forms.pdf


Super Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom.pdf
Super Donkey Kong Jr..pdf

Super Zaxxon.pdf

TDOS Manual.pdf



ADAM 6801 Daisy Wheel Printer Listing.pdf by ?

ADAM 6801 Digital Data Drive Listing.pdf by ?

ADAM 6801 Master Listing.pdf by ?

ADAM 6801 by ?

ADAM Technical Manual by Dr. Rich Drushel An archive of the web site.

Coleco TIA Schematic.pdf by ?

Coleco TIA.pdf by ?

ColecoVision Cart Info by ? All carts start at 8000h with a header that tells the BIOS what to do. 8000 - 8001:   If bytes are AAh and 55h, the CV will show a title screen and game name, etc.

ColecoVision Coding Guide.pdf by Daniel Bienvenu This document is a source of technical information for software designers. This preliminary release includes the most essential information.Section I, BEFORE PROGRAMMING, shows an overview of all the necessary informations to know before programming a real ColecoVision game.

Colecovision Homebrew Kit.pdf by Philipp Klaus Krause The Homebrew kit CV allows homebrew developers to create their own cartridges. One kit contains the materials needed to create two cartridges. The homebrew kits are available with red and black cartridge cases.

ColecoVision Repair Technical Manual.rar by Coleco In house repair manaul.

ColecoVision Sound Generation Hardware by ?  The ColecoVision uses the Texas Instruments SN76489A sound generator chip. It contains three programmable tone generators, each with its own programmable attenuator, and a noise source with its own attenuator.

cvfreq-sound frequency table.txt by ?

Frob-Coleco User's Manual.pdf  by? The Frob-Coleco system is a professional software development environnent for the ColecoVision. An Apple II computer peripheral was the CV development system sold to developers.

Frob-Coleco User's Manual - Appendix D.pdf  by? The Frob-Coleco system is a professional software development environnent for the ColecoVision. An Apple II computer peripheral was the CV development system sold to developers.

How to Make Your Own Coleco Carts (1985) (Jeff Frohwein).zip

Detailed Coleco ADAM Computer I/O Address Map by Mark Gordon Devices, Input, Output

ColecoVision Experiments by Jeff Frohwein. Make ColecoVision Cartridges - Technical specifications on the ColecoVision hardware and A system to allow you to upload code to a ColecoVision using the Joystick as a joystick, plus more...

Coleco ADAM MIOCC pinouts by Dr. Rich Drushel MIOC Pinouts (U7): /X = active low Pin Signal I/O Description 1 Vcc input +5V supply 2 RA7 output 8th bit DRAM refresh; gated out by /ADDRBUFEN 3 BA15 input Address BUS bit 15

T.I. Video Display Processors Programmer's Guide.rar

Texas Instruments SN76489.pdf by TI Sound Chip Specs.

Texas Instruments TMS9918.pdf by TI  VDP Video Chip Specs


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