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History & Spec's


Ecoleco - Store , Ecoleco (formly known as "ADAM's House")
(Terry) Quality Coleco and Colecovision products, parts, and service. We formed our company in 1987 to help customers of the late Coleco Industries using hard to find parts, video games, and software they supplied us.
ADAM News Network Online Catalog (US)
(Bob) Coleco ADAM computer supplies from The ADAM NEWS NETWORK.
A.D.A.M. Services Online Catalog (Canada)
(Richard) The ONLY Canadian supplier who sells NOTHING BUT Coleco ADAM computer supplies, software and those hard to find hardware items for the ADAM computer.
Collectors Cards and Games - ColecoVision (NJ)
D' Antiques - ColecoVision Consoles , Coleco Instruction Manuals , Coleco Cartridges
Games Of All Types - The (Goat) store - ColecoVision
4Jays Classic Video Games - ColecoVision
Anything 80s - Coleco ADAM Software , ColecoVision
Classic Game Source - ColecoVision
Atari2600 - ColecoVision
CV AV Mods, Games, more... The -Fireman- game only sold here.
FMH Central - ADAM
Coleco ADAM Public Domain software
Old Software.Com - Coleco ADAM
Coleco Adam Software and Hardware
AtariMax - ColecoVision 128-in-1 FLASH Multi-Cart
100% user programmable with On-Screen Menu & USB Interface!
Atarimax - ColecoVision Ultimate SD Cart
Ultimate SD cartridge is an SD card based multi-cart for your Colecovision game system.
AtariMax - Classic Videogames
for sale
ConsolePassion (UK) - ColecoVision Hardware , ColecoVision Games
Infideals - ColecoVision(UK)
Games Are Us - ColecoVision/ADAM
GameWerks - ColecoVision , Accessories, Games
RarityNine - Mods and Repairs on are CV's
At RarityNine, we do professional mods on Colecovisions we sell...
Electrical Parts
ArcadeComponents - ColecoVision Composite A/V Mod Kit
Chips and PCB parts
Jameco Electronics ICs and SemiConductors
ShowMeCables - RJ12 6 Conductor 6P6C Flat Silver Satin Crossed Telephone Line Cord
Used with the ADAM Computer
Black Viton Firm Tubing, 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD, 1/16" Wall, 1' Length |
Used to repair the pinch / timing roller in DDD's
Electronic Surplus - 55SI-25DAWC - Motor, stepper. 36 ohm.
Motor, stepper. 36 ohm. 7.5 deg/step. 6 wires. Mounting: 2-5/8" hole spacing. Body: 55mm D body in a 60 x 77 x 23mm heatsink. Shaft: 1/4" D w/ flat. Weight: 11 oz. Stepper-in-a-heatsink for Adam Computer Printer.
Ecoleco - Small Electrical Parts
Various Adam/CV parts, Motors, slots, plastic pieces.
Radio Shack - Board with Four Standard-Type Phono Jacks
RCA type jack panel.
Yurkie - ColecoVision Repair and Mods (AtariAge Forum)
Ask him about his mods and repair services. Checkout his profile for links to repair threads.
Homebrew (New Games)
Team Pixelboy
Team Pixelboy is devoted to the release of new ColecoVision games in cartridge format, with quality boxes and manuals.
Opcode Games - ColecoVision
Offering you brand new ColecoVision games to play!
ColecoNatation Newsletter Archives.
AntiISDA Warrior and MazezaM
Two Games
AdamCon - ColecoVision Cartridge Purchase
AdamCon along with the Bearded Programmers have started publishing homebrew cartridges.
Good Deal Games - Homebrew ColecoVision Games
New products - Homebrews
AtariAge - ColecoVision
New products - Homebrews
Micro Innovations Home Page
ColecoVision Players Resource - ColecoVision Manuals
Tomorrow's Heroes - ColecoVision Manuals
ColecoVision Owners Manual
The Retroist - 1982 ColecoVision Catalog
Tripoint - 1982 ColecoVision Catalog
DP Library - ColecoVision / ADAM Manuals
Culled from various sources over the years, this is our reference area for various video game instruction manuals.
Digitized Textfiles - Meet the ADAM Advertisement
Coleco ADAM Schematics (in PDF format) Restored by Richard F. Drushel
I will work as I can on restoring the best available copy of each drawing.
AtariHQ - Dan Boris' schematics of the Colecovision board , Schematics of the Colecovision controller ,
Technical information
Coleco ADAM Technical Manual
ADAMcon - EOS Programmer's Book
TI - VDP Programmers Guide
FAQs and How To's
This Week With My Coleco ADAM HTML Archive (Richard Drushel)
This archive contains HTML versions of all the articles that I have written in my This Week With My Coleco ADAM series. From the first article on 22 September 1996, TWWMCA has been literally what I did with my Coleco ADAM computer.
Coleco ADAM | ColecoVision Family Computer System Blog
This blog is dedicated to the very first computer I have ever owned: The Coleco ADAM.  The blog will contain information about the ADAM as well as programs and hardware I have & will pick up.
ColecoVision FAQ Version 4.0 December 28, 2005
ColecoVision FAQ Version 3.7  September 30, 1996
ColecoVision FAQ Version 3.6 July 24, 1996
ColecoVision FAQ Version 3.12 November 24, 1998
Digital Press - Esster Egss - ColecoVision / ADAM
Ben Heck ColecoVision Composite Video Mod
SolerFox's Den - Hardware Hacking - ColecoVision A/V Mod
Lab Rats - Modify a ColecoVision for S-video
a1k0n - ColecoVision A/V output modification
GridCycle - Madaracs' - ColecoVision Case Mod
Dirty power switch and light added.
nIGHTFALL Blog - CBS ColecoVision Secam RGB connector pinout Hack (PAL)
ColecoVision RGB Hack: Photo from #3 to #6 explain how to hack the RGB output signal inside the console. ColecoVision RGB connector.
GameSX - CBS A/V Hack(PAL)
This information is relevant to the CBS Colecovision (PAL)
ChromeSphere - Colecovision Custom Controller
ColecoVision Power Switch Upgrade
I want to cover a very common fault with the Colecovision - their power switches. Basically, they are very mechanical in nature, and easily get dirty and cease to work. Often this means you'll get a picture on your TV, but it may be totally scrambled, or just black, or whatever. Most people would never suspect the power switch but it's easily the most common Colecovision repair job you'll see.
Lab Rat: Jaguar Adapter for 5200, INTV, and CV
Atari Jaguar Controller to CV Adapter.
Programming for ColecoVision
NewColeco's Homepage , Old Site
CV Programming and CV Software for Windows.
Dale Wick's Homepage
ColecoVisionEU - Development / Games
(Philipp Klaus Krause)
dvik & joyrex - MSX and ColecoVision Games
A development group that develops games, demos and tools for Z80 based home computers and consoles from the 80's, primarily MSX and Colecovision.
GoodDealGames - ColecoVision Programming
Z-80 Files and Toolkits
EMU-DOCS - ColecoVision
ColecoVisionDK - Tools
The following Tools are grouped in one easily accessible place.
Thanks to all who have developed, or helped to develop newer various programs.
Following Tools are for ColecoVision Video Game Console and ADAM Computer System.
The Tools or Software are freeware, used with kind permission from the respective owners.
The aim is that everyone who works with homebrews can download virtually everything you need.
Notably for programming, games, console sound and more.
World of Opcode
New Games For The ColecoVision, also a new "Super Game Module" hardware.
Team Pixelboy - BasicVision Project
BasicVision is a proposed BASIC-like programming language designed specifically to help with the creation of ColecoVision games., Z-80 , SmartBasic v1x20y
The Homebrew Microcomputer Projects
Telemark Cross Assembler (TASM)
A tool for microcontroller software development.
Digital Research Source Code
CP/M source code.
ADAMem by Marcel de Kogel
ADAMEm is a portable Coleco ADAM and ColecoVision emulator.
SacNews - Downloads
Virtual ADAM - The Virtual ADAM front end for the ADAMem emulator.
Adam Emulator Utilities
Here you will find information that Marcel Dekogel left out about the Adam Emulator utilities. I have provided documentation in Microsoft Word 6.0 format which can be read with Wordpad, MS Word and OpenOffice.
ColEm: Portable ColecoVision Emulator by Marat Fayzullin
Soon to have ADAM support...
The Virtual ColecoVision by Neal Danner
A ColecoVision Emulator for Windows 95 and NT 4.0
A multi-machine emulator for MS-DOS, MS-Windows and maybe GNU/Linux.
Includes: ColecoVision
MESS is a free emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems.
Includes: Coleco ADAM and ColecoVision
Includes: ColecoVision
Includes: ColecoVision
Includes: ColecoVision
Includes: ColecoVision
ADAM Internet Resource Page
ADAMem SDL port / Windows Version
The FPGA Colecovision Project
ROMs and Software
GameRoom Bltz - ColecoVision Rom Reviews , ColEx ColecoVision
A comprehensive list of bite-sized game reviews for the ColecoVision game system. The ColEx is a list of nearly every ColecoVision game ever made, complete with ratings, release data, and brief descriptions of every title. An extensive list of reviews covering nearly every game for the ColecoVision, including homebrews and unreleased prototypes!
The Guru's ROM Dump NewsColecovision Cart Dump Status
Wikipedia - List of ColecoVision Games
Kaotic Games - ColecoVison List Of Games
Brue Tomlin - ColecoVision RPG game
PDRoms - ColecoVision
Homebrew Roms
HarmlessLion - Super Space Acer ROM
A TI-99/4A to ColecoVision Conversion.
RBOX Entertainment Presents Coleco ADAM
Zelkin - ADAM Software/Games
ElectricROMS - ColecoVision and ADAM
AllStarGaming - ColecoVision and ADAM
MazezaM - ColecoVision and ADAM
MazezaM is a puzzle game, where the player have to pass through the levels by sliding the walls to left and right, opening corridors between.
NitroRoms - ADAM
Dope Roms - ADAM
ANN - Coleco ADAM Programs
RBOX Entertainment Presents ColecoVision
AtariAge - CVDRUM Demo
EMURussia - ColecoVision
NitroRoms - ColecoVision
RomNation - ColecoVision
RomHustler - ColecoVision
BBS Software Directory - PBBS v5.0 Bulletin Board System
There is a record of a number of Coleco ADAMs running PBBS in their CP/M environment. The PBBS software was run on other platforms as well.
Dash Roms - ColecoVision
GlobalRoms - ColecoVision
3Roms - ColecoVision
Dope Roms - ColecoVision
FreeRoms - ColecoVision
TheOldComputer - Coleco
ColecoVision and ADAM
ColecoVision Roms
Gism Butter - Coleco Rom Dumps , Download
2010ACT Rev54, Dragons Lair 80 (mystery game), more
Retro-Roms - ColecoVision
PD Roms - ColecoVision
EmuAsylum - ColecoVision
ROMHIVE - ColecoVision
Gameternity - ColecoVision
RomGods - ColecoVision
BestRomSites - ColecoVision
RetroEmulators - ColecoVision Full Set
RetroEmulators - Coleco ADAM Full Set
GameBase - ColecoVision (ShareBee)
Beeslife - ColecoVision
Sign-up now for a lite account and get COMPLETELY FREE access to hundreds of Nintendo (NES), Atari 2600 and Colecovision games. Play these games in your Web Browser.
Welcome. I made this site because I found it very difficult to find scans of game boxes Coleco, mostly European versions. So I tried to collect a maximum of the scanner and make them available on the net. I also tried to reproduce some. If you have Coleco game boxes, I would appreciate you scanning me, give me or even sell them to me. Contact me.
Reed's Greehouse - ColecoVision Overlays
Standard Controller and Super Action Controller Printable Overlays
Tommorrows Heroes - ColecoVision Overlays
Standard Controller and Super Action Controller Printable Overlays
ColecoVision Overlays
Standard Controller and Super Action Controller Printable Overlays
Main Sites
SacNews - ADAM Family Computer System
Expandable Computer News Archive, Software and Games List, more.
CBS ColecoVision Danish Site
This is a tribute to our beloved ColecoVision. An 8 bit videogame console from 1982.
Official Coleco Adam annual AdamCon news source, Coleco Adam Convention News and Adam News Archives. Plus a huge Library of ADAM related info.
Coleco Industries
This site is the culmination of years of research and dedication to Coleco. The mission of Coleco is to enrich people's lives by enhancing their appreciation and understanding of the history, toys, design, development, and technology of Coleco.
The MTAG Home Page
The Metro-Toronto Coleco Adam User's Group Home
Colecovision  Free(French)
Adam and the ColecoVision console. FLASH Intensive!!
A.N.N. (ADAM News Network)
You have reached the home page for the Coleco ADAM computer and the ADAM NEWS NETWORK (A.N.N.), the monthly disk based newsletter. Available to you is a list of other ADAM websites to visit, ADAM product suppliers, the history behind the ADAM computer, past annual ADAM computer conventions, information on the ADAM NEWS NETWORK and it's disk articles.
S.E. Gordon - ColecoVision and The Coleco ADAM Family Computer System
ColecoVision Players Resource
ColecoVision Zone
This site is about that short but exciting period of time. A total of 134 games were released in North America for this system, and you will find information and a lot of photos on all of them. You will also have the possibility of finding more accessories, collectibles, videos, etc.
Forums and Groups (Mailing List) - ADAM Message Board
AtariAge - Forum - ColecoVision / ADAM
AtariAge - Forum - ColecoVision Programming
Yahoo Groups - Coleco Programming
AdamCon - Mailing List Signup , Coladam Archives
History and Specs
ColecoVision World
Nightfall - CBS ColecoVision
Phosphor Dot Fossils - ColecoVision
VideoGameObsession - ColecoVision
ManiacWorld - ColecoVision and ADAM
MyOldComputers - Coleco ADAM
Daves Old Computers - Coleco ADAM
Classic Game Creations - ColecoVision
Obsolete Computer Museum - Coleco Adam
HollowDreams - ADAM
ADAM Convention Photos
SilverMoonExtreme - Coleco ADAM
Ultimate Console Database - ColecoVision
Emulators Unlimited - ColecoVision
Video Game Console Library - ColecoVision
Wikipedia - Coleco ADAM
OldComputers - ADAM , ADAM AD
Kalla's Classic Gaming - ColecoVison Catalog
Digibarn - ADAM
Drushel Samples
EVG2000 - ColecoVision Hardware Pictures
Creative Computing Vol 10 N4 / April 1984 / Page 45
Coleco's Adam; four machines in one. (evaluation)
DTACK Grounded #25 November 1983
Goto page 14 for coleco related.
HCHOF - Your Computer ISSUE Feb 1984 - Coleco ADAM
AtariAge - Compute! ISSUE 46 March 1984 Pg54 - Coleco ADAM A Hands on Report
Colecovision: Alive With Five
ADAM Computer - Google Books
A Comprehensive Book and Magazine Search


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