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SmartWriting will be the column to guide you through easier word processing all around.

First; we are going to give you a label making process courtesy of Joseph Sheppard.

1. Hit Smartkey I (Margin/Tab/Etc.)
2. Hit Smartkey II (Horiz. Margin)
3. Hit Smartkey III (Left)
4. Use arrow to take margin to 1
5. Hit Smartkey VI (Done)

Now begin entering your data. Anywhere you need a blank line, including the space between labels do the following:

1. Hit Smartkey VI (Super/Subscript)
2. Hit Smartkey V (Subscript)
3. Hit the spacebar once
4. Hit Smartkey VI (Done) followed by a return

An easy way to repeat the subscript character throughout the list of addresses is to make up one subscript character and then use the copy function to repeat it throughout the list. NOTE: This will only work with SmartWriter! It will not merge with SmartFiler, Addressbook.or any other Coleco program.

Here is something to check. When you turn on ADAM in the typewriter mode, hold down the CONTROL key and press R at the same time. The Smartkeys on the screen should disappear and a number will appear. If it is lower than 80 I suggest you contact Coleco or your local Honeywell.

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