Print Head Whines Fix
From: The Paper Peripheral

Journal of the Triangle ADAM Users

February, 1987

Many ADAM printers exhibit a common problem, The print head moves to the right, then stops and whines, There is a simple(?) remedy for this problem, Turn off the printer. Remove the Printer cover. Slide the print head all the way to the right, Locate, in the upper left corner of the circuit board. a small metal circle next to an upside down "E-8".

Obtain a wide blade screwdriver or similar metal tool. Place the blade so it touches both the metal circle and the small metal box behind it. While maintaining this contact turn on the printer. The print head should begin moving to the left. Maintain the contact until you must remove you hand to allow the print head to pass.

If all went well the printer should print out random characters, Turn off the printer, then turn it back on and try it out, it should now work properly. If it still whines turn off the printer and try again, If you try this Please be extra careful, TAU can assume no responsibility for damage.

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