Installation of the ADAM Digital Data Drive is quite easy and fast by following these simple instructions. You will need only a coin or flat face screwdriver and a cross-point screwdriver. BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY SERVICE TO THE ADAM COMPUTER, INSURE THAT THE COMPUTER IS DISCONNECTED AND THE POWER CORD REMOVED FROM THE WALL SOCKET.

1) With a coin or flat face screwdriver, pry open the top panel of the ADAM Memory Console (CPU) and remove the panel. Set it aside in a safe place.

2) Note that the empty window of the CPU is held in place with two (2) self-tapping screws on the inside of the CPU. Remove these two screws and the window assembly will slide slightly forward for removal. Set aside for now. Now remove a third screw which is prominently marked "F (GROUND)". Do not lose this screw.

3) To install the new Digital Data Drive, simply insert the drive into the space left by the window and align the near grounding tab with the grounding socket in the CPU. Replace the screw removed from this socket as described in Step 2 above and tighten snugly.

4) Replace the two self tapping screws removed in Step 2 into the mounting tabs at the rear corners of the new Data Drive. Tighten snugly. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

5) Hook up the Data Drive by plugging in the contact sockets into places labeled "2A" and "2B". Note that socket 2A has 9 pins and 2B has only 8 pins. The connectors will fit only one direction into the sockets, so do not force the connectors in place.

6) Once the Digital Data Drive has been hooked up, replace the top panel of the CPU and you may then reinstall all power cords and connectors to make the ADAM operational.

7) To test the operation of the Data Drive, simply insert a Digital Data Pack into either drive. Depress the "Store/Get" key and the ADAM will ask you which drive to choose from. This indicates an operational drive and all is working. Retrieval of information from drive 2 should be indentical to drive 1. Your installation and testing is complete.

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