This Week With My Coleco ADAM (HTML Archive)

by Richard F. Drushel (

About the TWWMCA HTML Archive.

This archive contains HTML versions of all the articles that I have written in my This Week With My Coleco ADAM series. From the first article on 22 September 1996, TWWMCA has been literally what I did with my Coleco ADAM computer in the previous week. While the publication frequency has been variable (up to 2.5 years between articles), my intent is to keep to a regular schedule, weekly as much as possible. Topics of TWWMCA articles have ranged as widely as my own interests, as you can see from the topical index below. I hope that there will be something which appeals to you, or is relevant to your own ADAM experience and usage.

Why an HTML Archive?

The original articles were (and continue to be written as) plaintext, suitable for the Coleco ADAM mailing list, the monthly A.N.N. (ADAM News Network) distribution disk, and USENET newsgroups like alt.folklore.computers and comp.os.cpm. Formerly, the archive was available for download via anonymous FTP at my ISP, APKnet. However, due to security weaknesses inherent in many FTP daemons, APKnet was forced to shut down anonymous FTP access in August, 2000. I could have moved the archive to an FTP server run on one of my lab computers at CWRU, but I wanted a more stable site (and stable hostname/IP address). Furthermore, some TWWMCA readers via USENET suggested that an HTML version would be more accessible nowadays. So, I decided to convert the plaintext articles to HTML.

In the near future, the plaintext versions will also be archived here, once some error corrections made for the HTML versions are propagated back to the text versions.

Editorial Changes.

Over the years, some URLs and E-mail addresses cited in the articles have changed or disappeared. I have updated URLs as necessary, but for those which have disappeared, and also for all E-mail addresses, I have left them in their original form, but with no active links. A few typos have been corrected as well. Otherwise, the articles are as they originally appeared.


TWWMCA 0009.18
  • Address Book patch for ADAMserve
  • SmartFiler patch to enable database creation under ADAMserve and HARDDISK
TWWMCA 0009.10
  • finding a new home for the TWWMCA archive
  • converting TWWMCA plaintext to HTML
  • update on SmartFiler patch for ADAMserve
TWWMCA 0008.20
  • SmartFiler patch for ADAMserve
  • details of SmartFiler boot block
  • modified SmartFiler boot block for ADAMEM emulator
  • program design "rant"
TWWMCA 0008.13
  • organizing source code for ADAMserve
  • README files for ADAMserve source code
TWWMCA 0008.06
  • disassembly of SmartFiler 27D
  • review of disassembly process
  • SmartFiler boot process and source code
  • SmartFiler program design
TWWMCA 0007.30
  • ADAMcon 0Ch report
TWWMCA 9802.16
  • cleaning and repairing "dead" ADAMs
TWWMCA 9711.17
  • regenerating source code for ADAMlink V, SmartBASIC 1.0, and SmartBASIC 2.0
  • possibility of ADAMlink VI
TWWMCA 9711.09
  • release of SmartBASIC 1.x source code
TWWMCA 9711.05
  • more on reverse-engineering SmartWriter R80
  • assembly source code for SmartBASIC 1.x
  • disassembly of ADAM CP/M 2.2 BIOS
  • real-time clock bugs in SmartBASIC 1.x?
TWWMCA 9710.20
  • disassembly of SmartWriter R80
  • ADAMlink modem I/O fossil code
  • fixing SmartWriter bugs?
TWWMCA 9710.13
  • discussion of Ron's Week'n'ADAM 5 October 1997
  • principles of good software design
TWWMCA 9710.06
  • ADAM memory maps and bank-switching
  • regulating access to XRAM
TWWMCA 9709.30
  • September 1997 B.A.S.I.C. meeting
  • ADAMserve comments
  • expanding ADAMserve
  • more on EOS-8
  • programs which use XRAM
TWWMCA 9709.26
  • ADAMserve protocol standards document
TWWMCA 9709.14
  • ADAM Forum on Cleveland Freenet
  • interrupts and shared system resources
  • EOS-8 VRAM interrupt deferral discussion, algorithms, and code
TWWMCA 9709.07
  • detailed description of EOS-8 project
  • universal non-ADAMnet serial and parallel driver code
TWWMCA 9708.31
  • TWWMCA production info
  • ADAM operating systems review
  • EOS-8 project
TWWMCA 9708.24
  • ADAMcon 09 report
TWWMCA 9702.02
  • last of ADAM VDP color palette discussion
  • future directions for TWWMCA?
TWWMCA 9701.27
  • low memory map and code fossils in Pitfall
  • NMI handler
TWWMCA 9701.19
  • adding "immortality" to Pitfall cartridge game
  • disassembling Pitfall
  • OS-7 global symbols
  • regenerated Pitfall source code
TWWMCA 9612.10
  • short week apology
TWWMCA 9612.01
  • more ADAM VDP colors
  • Z80 RAM shared with ADAMnet
TWWMCA 9611.25
  • ADAMEM emulator
  • more ADAM VDP colors
  • ADAMnet _READ_BLOCK kinks
  • reconstructed Master 6801 listing pages
TWWMCA 9611.18
  • ADAM VDP (TMS9118) color palette
  • principles of NTSC color television
  • converting PowerPaint 10K binary image files to RGB TIFFs
  • more Telegames DINA system
TWWMCA 9611.11
  • flu and snowstorm apology
TWWMCA 9610.28
  • making a boot picture for ADAMserve PowerPaint
  • ADAM history--"Mystery Man"
TWWMCA 9610.21
  • VideoTunes
  • ADAMcalc bug in ADAMserve
  • basement cleanup
  • October 1996 B.A.S.I.C. meeting
  • Telegames DINA ColecoVision-compatible system
TWWMCA 9610.13
  • Spanish Vocabularian and miscellaneous SmartBASIC games
  • backing up an EOS hard drive partition
TWWMCA 9610.06
  • building an ADAM monitor stand
  • ADAMcon VIII photos
TWWMCA 9609.30
  • COLEMDOS ColecoVision emulator
  • converting a laptop computer to a desktop
  • making ADAM disk images
TWWMCA 9609.22
  • making space for ADAM
  • ADAM printer ribbon advance fix