Using ADAM and the EVE
VD-MB 80 Column Unit to
Access ADAMLink III+
by Bob Slopsema

EDITOR'S NOTE: The EVE VD-MB 80 Column Unit was produced by Eve Electronics in 1986 and was the first 80 column unit made available for use on the ADAM. However, this unit is no longer produced since Eve closed down. Currently, the only way to attain an 80 column display is via the OBS 80 Column Unit (still available through Herman Mason) or via a terminal hooked up to the ADAM via a Serial Interface.

Early this past year, I acquired an EVE 80 Column Video Unit along with a Serial / Parallel Interface unit. Both interfaces worked well with the Panasonic printer and serial modem, but the 80 column video unit defied use with ADAMLINK III+. I couldn't access the 80 column screen no matter how I tried or what I changed the option settings to in the program.

Finally admitting defeat, I asked for a little help from the ADAMites on CompuServe. Terry Kayser kindheartedly left a message with the solution to the problem, which hopefully will be of help to anybody else who is a stranded with the EVE unit.

The solution to the problem was really quite simple once I realized the direction Terry was pointing me in. Once again the folks at Radio Shack came to the rescue - how would the ADAM community survive without their supply of various small parts?

The parts I needed to complete the project were these:


A/B Switch 15-1249 $6.95
  (optional) 15-1247 $4.95

video RF adapters 278-255 $1.29 each

twin RCA cable 42-2365 $1.79

The hookup was a simple matter of plugging in the cables in the proper sequence. First separate the twin RCA cable to get two separate cables. Plug one end of an RCA cable into the monitor RCA connection of the ADAM computer, then plug the opposite end into either outside connection on the A/B switch using one of the RF adapters. Label this side of the A/B switch 32 column. Now plug the other RCA cable into the monitor video connection - replacing the EVE video cable, and also into the center connection of the A/B switch using another adapter. The 80 column EVE video cable (which previously went to the monitor) is plugged through another RF adapter into the other outside connection of the A/B switch. Label this connection 80 column.

Now that the hardware job is complete, you have to check and see if AdamLINK III+ is configured correctly. Boot AdamLINK III+ and select options. Next select terminal, then select terminal type. Finally select both and then save the setting using the main menu option Save / Recall. Boot-up your 80 column version of TDOS (or CP/M) to bring the EVE unit online, then immediately boot AdamLINK III+. You should be able to switch back and forth between the AdamLINK III+ screen and the TDOS (CP/M) screen with the A> prompt just with a flip of the switch.

To use the setup, label the front of the A/B switch 32 column and 80 column on the appropriate sides, mount it in a convenient place, there use the 32 column side of the A/B switch to access the Adamlink III+ screens for dialing, downloading and anything you need the program screens for, then simply flip the A/B switch while online to a BBS to go 80 column text.

I hope that this helps others who have experienced the same frustrations I have on finding a piece of hardware that does not seem to work on ADAM in the way it was intended to work.

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