ADAM Makes News
from the November 1984 AUGment
(Vol.1, No.1)

War Games: "The action is nonstop .... The graphics and sound effects are terrific, but the play action is the real star."

Super Action Football: "The graphics are very good and they feature a scoreboard that flashes messages ...."

--Computer Games, November/December-1984.

Telly Turtle is "a remarkably clever and sophisticated cartridge ...that proves that video-game systems can indeed be used as teaching tools .... Coleco deserves to be congratulated for finally introducing a video-game cartridge with legitimate, educational value."

--Steve Stecklow, Philadelphia Inquirer, August 19, 1984.

"A much better offering is Smurf's Paint 'n' Play Workshop by Coleco. This cartridge is based on the same principle of calling up and manipulating screen elements and succeeds beautifully."

-C. Holyoak, Desert News, Aug 15, 1984

"Tarzan [is] a highly graphic jungle hunt featuring the lord of the apes in four new adventures. Entertaining and playable."

-USA Today, August 7, 1984.

Star Trek: "Coleco has taken the Sega hit that has been produced for most major systems and made the best adaptation of the lot ...."

Antarctic Adventure: "This is a non-violent family game for virtually all ages .... [Its] most notable feature some of the best graphics seen anywhere in any game."

-C. Holyoak, Deseret News, Aug 1, 1984.

"Of their [Coleco's] many top-notch summer releases, we admit to a special fondness for Bump 'n' Jump, where your car has to leap pools and puddles between spurts of forcing competitors off the roadway (and up in flames)."

-Home Viewer, August 1984.

"The SmartLogo program developed for Adam is a new and wonderfully rich Logo, with unprecedented dynamic Sprite graphics. The inclusion of tutorial lessons for the first-time user is an especially welcome addition."

--Professor Seymour Papert of MIT,
creator of the original Logo language.

"SmartFILER [is] easy-to--use data base which can be operated via the Smart Keys without having to pore over the documentation for hours .... From several standpoints, this is a very fine home database program. From total ease-of--use to the flexibility in searching and printing records, this is a great home utility program for the ADAM owner. We were impressed with the relative speed in searching and saving records, as we have worked with several very bulky programs which are somewhat slow and difficult to use. The only thing you'll have to use the documentation for is to discover all the nuances the program offers.

"SmartLETTERS & FORMS a breeze to use .... This is a fine program for anyone who likes to write but needs help with format and form ....

"Dukes of Hazzard is the newest game for the Driving Module and it's the best one yet! ...Features such as the Bootlegger Turn, jumping the hills, and screeching off into side streets take this far above 'just another driving game.' ...Run to your nearest store for the Module ....

"Antarctic Adventure is a charming game .... The graphics are exceptionally well done, with smooth transitions between scenes. The sense of depth is enhanced by shading and perspective, and the well-animated penguin is cute and appealing ...."

Tarzan: "The scenes are extremely realistic, both in gameplay and graphics, and we were particularly impressed with the graphics of Tarzan's swim across various waterways. There's plenty of varied action and strategy involved."

--Video Game Update, August 1984.

Smart LOGO is "beautifully documented and simple to use .... [It] has a mind-boggling 30 little moveable monsters and can display 16 different colors at once ....

"Of their [Coleco's] many top-notch summer releases, we admit to a special fondness for two racing games, ...Bump 'n' Jump, where your car has to leap pools and puddles between spurts of forcing competitors off the roadway (and up in flames), and Antarctic Adventure, where your 'car' is the fat little penguin trying to avoid seals and holes in the ice while skating along."

-Home Viewer, August 1984.

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