GoDOS (with GoBASIC)
(c)1990 by PHOENIX 2000

GoDOS (with GoBASIC) introduces the graphic operating system to the ADAM family computer. There are over 300 GoBASIC commands and over 600 GoDOS functions. The DEMO programs on this disk will help to acclimate you to this system of command lines, pull-down menus, and dialog boxes. When you have finished reading this file, CLEAR your SmartWRITER workspace and GET the file on this medium entitled READ02.DOC. This document contains the specific instructions for using GoDOS (with GoBASIC). You'll note that the margins are set to 10 and 45; this is for on-screen viewing. Set the margins to 10 and 70 for hardcopy printing of the document

Your GoDOS (with GOBASIC) has a unique serial number assigned to it. The medium is not copy protected; you may make archival backups. However, to deter piracy and protect the value of your software the serialization is an intricate part of the program itself. Every 16th boot of the software (pulling the computer reset) you'll have to type in a five digit ACCESS CODE specific to your serial number. To get this ACCESS CODE for your software, you need to send a postcard with your NAME, ADDRESS, VENDOR PURCHASED FROM, DATE PURCHASED, and YOUR SERIAL NUMBER to the address below. Your personal ACCESS CODE will be promptly mailed to you.

P.O. Box 1292
Kings Mtn, NC 28086

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