How To Use Library Files
by Ric Stilfield

What is a library file, you ask? Well, it's a collection of files that are usually related that have been put in one file with extension LBR. A lot of these files inside a library file are squeezed or crunched. This whole process serves to save space and keep f ilea that are related together. You will usually find these files on PD software.

You will need some programs to get these files into a useable condition. They are NULU15.COM and UNCR.COM or DELIB.COM, UNSOUEEZE.COM and UNCR.COM. (These are all on MOAUG CPM/PD Vol. 1).

Let's talk about the easier to understand method first.

First, FORMAT and SYSGEN A blank disk or DDP. Second, copy or PIP the .LBR file, DELIB.COM, UNSQUEEZE.COM and UNCR.COM from their respective source disks to the blank formatted and sysgened disk.

Remove all other media from your system and log on your new disk (^C). You might want to check the DIR to make sure you have got the right files.


Type in DELIB. You will be prompted for the library name.


Type in the name of the Library file and hit Return. You will see the message: EXTRACTING FILE *.* This will continue until all of the files have been extracted. After this process is complete get a DIRectory (there should now be more than the four original files listed).

Look through the list to see if any of the files are squeezed (those that contain a Q in the middle of the extension). Type in USQ followed by the file name and hit RETURN, i.e: USQ WID30.DQC
You get a readout somewhat like this: WID30.DQC ------- >WID30.DOC Follow this procedure for all squeezed files.

Next you want to uncrunch all the files that are crunched (All those files containing a Z in the middle of the extension.) All you have to do for this is type in UNCR it will automatically search for crunched files and uncrunch them. There is a pretty strange display when this program is operating but You do not need to worry about it as long as it works.

Next month we will discuss NULU-15. It is a little more complicated to use, but has more features. Here are some examples of crunched and squeezed and library files. Hopefully this will help you to recognize them.


ELIZA.LBR              HELP.DZC          STANDST.CQM
XCCP.LBR              BACKUP.CZM   WID30.AQM

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