March 1986
by Joe Blenkle

The world of the ADAM computer never fails to amaze me. One day the system will seem on the verge of collapse, the next, there seems to be new life breathed into it.

With the somewhat limited quantity of communications software currently available, it has been somewhat of a challenge to come up with this column every issue. So this time I will explore a different area with some new developments on the ADAM telecommunications front.

First, Gordon Meyer of Do Not Stamp Software has uploaded two public domain telecommunications programs to the Family Computing forum on CompuServe (GO FAM-200). Both programs are written in BASIC ...that's right! ADAM's modem has finally been accessed in BASIC!

One program is called ADAMchat. It is a bare bones communications program. Once it is run through BASIC, it will prompt you for the phone number, one digit at a time. Pressing return will put your computer on-line and you should connect with the computer or BBS on the other end. The current version doesn't seem to work well with CompuServe, but I have yet to experience problems with any other BBS.

You can toggle the filter on with the UNDO key and SmartKey VI changes the duplex. Future versions may include some sort of file transfer capability.

The second program is called DNS-Link. It is another bare-bones program that can be used as a model for setting up a bulletin board on your ADAM. Running the program will put you in the answer mode and when a call comes in, you press the space bar to answer. The program has only a few "bulletin board" features and was designed only as a model for further development. See below on how to get both these programs if you don't want to download them from CIS.

On somewhat of a dramatic note, Orphanware, founded by John Lingrel, is working on a modification to the ADAMlink modem which will turn it into a 300/1200 baud modem. The cost hadn't been set at this writing, but it was estimated at only $30 or so.

Besides selling low cost ADAM accessories, Orphanware will also repair computers, 64K expanders, modems, printer interfaces, data drives and hopefully in the future, disk drives.

A catalog can be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

5665 Myers Rd.
Akron, OH 44319

MORE DISKS: I'm offering the following public domain disks at $5 each to cover duplicating and mailing (Canadian orders please send postal money orders or checks or money orders drawn on U.S. banks only). Disk #1 includes BASIC utilities graphics and demos, including ADAMchat and DNS-Link. Disk#2 is BASIC games. Both discs are double sided with lots of programs. Disk #3 is a fully implemented version of MEX, including multiple SmartKeys and HELP file. Please note that you must have CP/M to run the MEX program.

Al l these programs are public domain and available on Compuserve should you prefer to download them yourself. If you'd prefer the easy way, send $5 per disk to: Joe Blenkle, P.O. Box 41746, Sacramento, CA 95841.

Reprinted from the March/April issue of Expandable Computer News, Copyright 1986

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